Interclima 2010: ATW heat pumps in the focus

By team, Feb 11, 2010, 09:38 3 minute reading attended the biennial Interclima trade show and conference that is being held until the end of this week in Paris, France. The industry foresees a good market potential for CO2 air to water heat pumps for commercial applications as well as subcritical CO2 commercial refrigeration. + PHOTO GALLERY

Installers, contractors, architects, engineers and distributors gathered in Paris at Interclima 2010, the biennial trade show where innovative heating and cooling solutions for the French market are being showcased. gets insights on trends and opportunities for CO2

With the focus of Interclima this year being on energy efficiency, discussions between participants revealed the increasing role that air to water heat pumps are expected to play as the key technology that will help France meet its ambitious targets regarding energy efficiency. Although SANYO was alone in showcasing its CO2 air to water heat pump, was content to learn that there are many companies exploring CO2 and see a good market potential for CO2 heat pumps, especially for commercial applications.

CO2 is also seen as a serious candidate for commercial refrigeration applications in France. The French industry foresees that subcritical technology will certainly gain market share, while on the other hand it appeared still hesitant over the installation of transcritical technology in moderate climates.

Finally, a new area for CO2 appears to be flake ice machines for applications such as fresh food displays, ice attractions, refrigeration of fish.

CO2 products presented
  • SANYO: SANYO was the only one to present its CO2 air to water heat pump, the best green alternative to gas/oil boilers. The company has seen more than 130,000 installations of its CO2 heat pump in Japan and more than 7,500 units installed in Europe, mainly in the Nordic area.
  • MAJA: The German manufacturer showcased a flake ice machine (rotating evaporator) for direct CO2 operation, for integration into an existing CO2 multicompressor refrigeration unit.
  • Parker/Sporlan: At Interclima, Parker provided visitors with information regarding its product offering for subcritical CO2 refrigeration systems for supermarkets, including distributors, solenoid valves, filter driers, suction filters and electronic temperature controls and systems.
  • Bitzer: Bitzer showcased its subcritical CO2 compressor.
  • CAREL: Under the tagline “CO2 ready”, CAREL showcased its series of EXV electronic expansion valves for CO2 as well as its EVD evolution controller for electronic valves.
Presentation on subsidies available for energy efficiency in France

Francois Leblanc of CAPEB (CONFÉDÉRATION DE L’ARTISANAT ET DES PETITES ENTREPRISES DU BÂTIMENT) gave a presentation on the available subsidies in France when retrofitting buildings to make them more energy efficient.

There are both financial and fiscal incentives to help France reach its target to achieve a 38% reduction of primary energy consumption in existing buildings, including:
  • ‘Eco Pret’: Since April 2009, interest free loans are available to households for carrying out works to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.
  • Tax credits: Tax credits between 8,000 and 16,000 per year are available to households earning less than EUR 45,000/year. The credits are available for windows, doors, heat pumps (except air/air heat pumps) and other heating equipment etc.
  • Pret LDD (Livret Développement Durable): These are bank loans to co-owners for energy efficiency improvements.
  • Éco-subvention Anah: Until the end of 2010, poor households can receive subsidies of up to EUR 13,000 for energy efficiency measures.
At the end of the presentation it was revealed that according to an Interclima survey, 70% of the industry says it is not well informed about the various finance options. Hence the French government will be seeking to raise awareness in this respect in the coming years. 



By team (@r744)

Feb 11, 2010, 09:38

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