ETO Magnetic presents HP - 3/2 Switching Valve

By team, Dec 08, 2006, 00:00 1 minute reading

ETO Magnetic, a leading supplier of electromagnetic actuators and sensors, showcases its latest component suitable for R744 technology: the low-weight HP - 3/2 Switching Valve, a compact and efficient solution.

Especially to satisfy the highest comfort needs as well as pressure and operational safety requirements for CO2 technology, ETO Magnetic developed a new class of directional control valves. This control tool, used to switch between cooling and heating functions, was designed to allow for a slight pressure loss and an optimized energy consumption of the whole system.

The modular design enables an easy adaptation to customized connections, and ensures high performance in a cost-effective way.

Main Features

  • 3/2 directional control valve
  • High leak tightness & working fluid suitability
  • Optimized size & material usage
  • Long life cycle through low-weight and resistant material


According to Rolf-Günther Nieberding, ETO Magnetic’s Director Sales & Marketing, the new component "will help our customers from the automobile industry to make cooling systems working with carbon dioxide even more reliable and cost-effective."

"We always leave the beaten path to develop innovative solutions optimized for our clients. Presenting our products on is an excellent way to show that CO2 technology is an efficient and sustainable solution for mobile air conditioning," he added.


ETO Magnetic is a leading manufacturer of solenoids, sensors and systems serving major automotive, hydraulic and industrial markets. It has manufacturing locations in the United States, Germany and Poland.


By team (@r744)

Dec 08, 2006, 00:00

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