EU launches ambitious energy saving plan

By team, Oct 25, 2006, 00:00 2 minute reading

Europe needs to save 20% of energy by 2020, according to the new Energy Efficiency Action plan published by the European Commission last Thursday. Mobile Air Conditioning and vehicle?s fuel efficiency are among the priorities.

The new EU Energy Efficiency Action Plan contains a package of 75 measures to provide minimum energy performance standards for industries with high savings potential, such as transport, buildings, energy generation and appliances. These measures will be carried out during the next six years, with most of them expected to produce effects by 2009. This initiative by the European Commission (EC) will directly impact efficiency standards for vehicles and Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC). Minimum efficiency requirements for MAC are announced to be in place by the end of 2008. This will further pave the way for fuel-saving and low-emission systems. To achieve a 120 g CO2/km emission for cars by 2012, the EC will propose legislation and amend its present Car Fuel Efficiency Labelling Directive by next year. In addition, it promotes a CO2-based taxation for cars that Member States should include into their national tax scheme as soon as possible. The overall aim is to provide EU citizens with the globally most energy-efficient cars. According to European Energy Commissioner, A. Piebalgs, ?if we take action now, the direct cost of our energy consumption could be reduced by more than ?100 billion annually by 2020; around 780 millions tonnes of CO2 will also be avoided yearly.? With this set of concrete measures, he hopes to secure energy supply, limit global warming, foster competitiveness and stimulate the market for energy-efficient technologies. Background The Commission Green Papers on Energy Efficiency, and on Sustainable, Competitive and Secure Energy served as a basis for this year?s consultation process with stakeholders. In March, the EU Heads of State called for an ambitious but realistic Energy Efficiency strategy that finally lead to the publication of this Action Plan. Transport has been identified as the fastest growing sector in terms of energy use. The EC estimates that it has a full savings potential of 26% or 105 Million Tones of Oil equivalent by 2020.


By team (@r744)

Oct 25, 2006, 00:00

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