Coming soon: MicroGroove Copper Tubes to increase efficiency

By team, Feb 01, 2011, 11:03 2 minute reading

The International Copper Association is joining as a new partner to introduce a new heat exchanger coil technology that benefits from smaller diameter copper tubes. The unique MicroGroove tubes feature higher efficiency and reduce the amount of refrigerant and tube material.

By reducing the diameter of copper tubes in coils, the new MicroGroove technology can increase energy efficiency for air-conditioning and refrigeration products. The smaller diameter tubes can also operate at higher pressure, which makes them well suitable for the CO2 refrigerant. As working pressure is directly proportional to wall thickness and inversely proportional to diameter, tubes with the same thickness and smaller diameter can therefore withstand higher pressures than larger diameter.

The MicroGroove brand is supported and presented by the International Copper Association, Ltd. (ICA). Based in the US, it is the leading organization for promoting the use of copper worldwide. ICA is responsible for guiding policy, strategy and funding international initiatives and promotional activities.


“The ICA and its members are committed to aiding OEMs in the shift from larger diameter copper tubes to smaller diameter copper tubes wherever it makes sense economically and environmentally,” says Nigel Cotton, OEM Team Leader, International Copper Association.

Application range and features of MicroGroove

The MicroGroove copper tubes are available from a range of suppliers who will soon be listed in the product database. The tubes are available in sizes from conventional to small diameters with various wall thicknesses. For air conditioning and refrigeration applications, the tubes are provided with inner surface enhancements to increase the local heat transfer coefficient. Rifling or grooving the inside of the tube helps to mix the refrigerant, homogenizes the refrigerant temperature across any tube section and improves heat transfer performance.

Technical webinar on small copper tubes

ICA is also providing a webinar with technical experts to talk about: “Small Tubes of Copper in ACR Applications: The MicroGroove Advantage”. It can be watched online for free and focuses on the following topics:
  • Lab test results for small tubes with and without enhanced inner surfaces
  • Basic coil design principles for small tubes
  • Familiar manufacturing and assembly techniques
  • Comparison of OEM products with MicroGroove heat exchangers (MGHXs) to conventional designs with respect to performance, material savings and refrigerant reduction


By team (@r744)

Feb 01, 2011, 11:03

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