AHR Expo 2011: CO2 products on display and back stage

By R744.com team, Feb 11, 2011, 15:56 2 minute reading

The AHR Expo had a full house last week in Las Vegas, as more than 54,000 professionals from the HVAC&R industry from all around the world visited the booths of 1,900 exhibitors that displayed products representing every facet of the industry including natural refrigerant solutions with CO2. R744.com reports. + PHOTOS

As the US market is gradually catching on to the opportunity of natural refrigerants, several companies displayed their CO2 products at the 2011 AHR Expo - one of the world’s biggest HVAC trade fairs - in Las Vegas, US.

The 2011 show saw a similar number of CO2 products on display compared to last year’s edition. However, informal discussions on the floor revealed that an increasing number of industry players active on the North American market are looking into natural refrigerants as an alternative and at the very least as a back up plan.

CO2 products on display

R744.com visited some of the stands with CO2 products on display, including:
  • SWEP: SWEP displayed its new B17 high pressure heat exchanger for transcritical CO2, optimised for high heat pump capacities of up to 60kW as a gas cooler and up to 40kW as an evaporator. The compact and lightweight B17 is suitable for cold chain applications, heat pumps as well as for mobile air conditioning. SWEP further displayed it B9 heat exchanger for transcritical CO2.
  • MAYEKAWA / MYCOM: The company displayed industrial Eco Cute CO2 heat pump for the North American market that can cool and heat simultaneously and which can heat water up to temperature of 90°C. The heat pump can produce a Coefficient of Performance (COP) as high as 8.0 and is equipped with MYCOM’s highly efficient reciprocating compressor.
  • Parker: The world's leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems showcased its valves approved for subcritical CO2 applications.
  • Bitzer: The compressor manufacturer displayed its 4EHC-K6 reciprocating CO2 compressor for subcritical refrigeration applications.
  • KAORI: KAORI displayed its CO2 series of brazed plate heat exchangers for heat pumps and supermarket refrigeration systems.
  • Dorin / Blissfield: At the booth of Blissfield, Dorin displayed a CO2 compressor of its H range.
  • Alfa Laval: Alfa Laval displayed its AXP brazed heat exchangers, including AXP27 and AXP52 that are designed specifically for subcritical and transcritical CO2, with CO2 applications including suction gas heaters, oil coolers, evaporators, economisers, sub coolers and condensers.
  • Luvata: Luvata provided information regarding its air conditioning and refrigeration tubes for high pressure refrigerant applications, including CO2.
  • Carel: CAREL displayed its E*V sistema, the largest range of electronic expansion valves and drivers for HVAC&R.
  • INFICON: INFICON presented its D-TEK leak detector designed for CO2.
  • CORE/ AccuTools: AccuTools presented the L-720 CO2 gas leak detector developed by CORE Enterprises inc. The sensor can detect concentrations of CO2 as low as 400 ppm over ambient.
  • Saginomyia: Saginomiya displayed its CO2 pressure controls, pressure sensors, solenoid valves and electronic expansion valves, including its JKV electronic expansion valve for high pressure.
  • Metreco: The newly formed company presented its new “smart mobile measuring” CO2 transcritical sensors for low (80 bar) and high (160 bar) pressures. Its “Kit 744T” for transcritical CO2 comprises 1 low pressure sensor, 1 high pressure sensor and 3 charging hoses with working pressure 200 bar. 


By R744.com team (@r744)

Feb 11, 2011, 15:56

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