Heat pumps: market push in the EU - market pull in the UK

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Under its principal instrument for funding research, the European Union is calling for research proposals on ‘Next generation heat pump technologies’ and on ‘Large scale systems for urban heating and cooling’ that make use of low temperature waste heat. Meanwhile, the UK published more details on a scheme that will provide grants for the installation of heat pumps to households off the main gas grid. 

Market push: research funding for renewable heating and cooling in the EU
In July 2011, the European Commission published several Calls for Proposals under its 7th Framework Programme (FP7) that are relevant to renewable energy technologies for heating and cooling, such as heat pumps.
Of particular interest are the calls for:
  • Research on ‘Next generation heat pump technologies’ that is seeking to enhance the application range of heat pumps. Up to 2 projects aimed at the development of very efficient heat pumps using alternative refrigerants, such as natural refrigerants, sorption heat pump technologies and high power heat pumps will be funded. The projects will also explore the coupling of heat pumps with other renewable energies as well as the intelligent integration of heat pumps into large renewable energy systems (including storage).
  • Large scale systems for urban area heating and/or cooling supply: Accepted projects under this call will predominantly include demonstration components and will focus on the integration of energy efficiency of city districts with industrial parks ideally through heating/cooling smart grids. Low temperature heat, for example from nearby industrial cooling towers, air conditioning systems, cooling of data centres etc, should be collected and used to provide heating and cooling for end users in city districts. Space heating and domestic hot water production may be complemented by high efficiency heat pumps.

Market pull: UK unveils details for its Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme
In July 2011, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) in the United Kingdom (UK) published more details of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme, an programme that will provide grants for the installation of heat pumps and other renewable heating technologies to households.
The provision of grants is an interim measure until households become eligible to receiving a tariff based on the renewable heat output under the “Renewable Heat Incentive”. 
Households in England, Scotland and Wales that are not connected to the main gas grid will be able to apply for grants for the installation of:
  • Air-source heat pumps: £850 (€972) grant
  • Ground source heat pumps: £1250 (€1430) grant
To be eligible for receiving a grant, households have to select a heat pump product that is listed under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, and be installed by someone registered under the same scheme, or an equivalent one. 
The short-term scheme will also serve as a learning exercise for understanding what people think of renewable heat technologies and how they perform in various different circumstances and types of home. For instance, after the equipment has been up and running, households will be asked to fill in customer surveys, while they may also be chosen for putting in place extra metering devices that will allow to monitor and learn about how heating systems are used in practice. 


By R744.com team (@r744)

Aug 02, 2011, 12:54

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