MAC in trains and buses - 12th Karlsruher Mobile Air-Conditioning Symposium

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Around 100 experts assembled in Karlsruhe last week to discuss new approaches to mobile air-conditioning (MAC) systems in rail vehicles and buses. The event was organised by the TWK GmbH, test and formation centre for heat pumps and refrigeration technologies. Topics discussed were the choice of refrigerant for trains and buses as well as efficiency calculations and system designs.

The headlines about defective air-conditioning systems in trains of Deutsche Bahn last summer have demonstrated the growing importance of mobile air-conditioning in mass transport. For this reason, component suppliers, system manufacturers and end users of air-conditioning systems for rail vehicles and buses came together on 15 September 2011 in Karlsruhe, Germany, to discuss new approaches during the 12th Karlsruher Mobile Air-Conditioning Symposium.

Some interesting points were discussed in the broad spectrum of presentations:
  • Michael Sonnekalb from Konvekta reported on the deployment of CO2 MAC in buses.
  • Helmut Scheid from Spheros explained new architectures of roof mounted AC units for buses.
  • Bernd Lipp and Thomas Reitz presented ThermoKing's measurement system for bus AC systems, while Roland Span from the University Bochum talked about the development of energy consumption cycles in rail vehicles.
  • Lutz Boeck from Faively Transport GmbH elaborated on the measurement of MAC's energy consumption in rail vehicles and Andreas Hille from Liebherr Transportation Systems focused on the increase of system robustness thanks to simulation methods during concept phase.
  • Klaus-Peter Wirausky from GEA Bock explained on the role of compressors in MAC for buses, while Rolf Blumhardt from Bitzer talked about compressors in MAC for rail vehicles.
  • A very interesting presentation on challenges in manufacturing buses for Middle East as well as the difference in customer requirements in regards to performance and power of air-conditioning in buses was given by Jörg Kirsamer from MAN Truck & Bus AG.
  • To conclude, Christian Vidal from Noske-Keaser added some observations on the use of air-conditioning in tramways.

Point of view of end users

Tim Berlitz contributed with his presentation the point of view of an important end user: the Deutsche Bahn. The German train operator experiments since 2001 with air as refrigerant and is also about to test trains using CO2 MAC on certain lines. Mr. Berlitz emphasised that while there is so far no regulatory pressure to phase-out high global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants from trains, the Deutsche Bahn has to be conscious of their environmental image and therefore looks into natural refrigerant alternatives.

About the TWK GmbH, test and formation centre for heat pumps and refrigeration technologies

The TWK GmbH in Karlsruhe offers services in the field of heat pumps as well as mobile and stationary refrigeration and air-conditioning technologies. These services comprise vocational and educational courses, symposia on current topics of interest as well as system and component testing in the TWK's test centre.


By team (@r744)

Sep 23, 2011, 16:15

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