“CO2 Myths and Facts” website by Danfoss

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Danfoss has launched a new online information portal to clarify all the myths that exist around CO2 as refrigerant. It explains why they consider CO2 among the most attractive refrigerants in industrial refrigeration and food retail applications and what kind of efficiency, safety and environmental advantages can be achieved when using CO2 systems.

There are a list of myths and assumptions as regards the use of CO2 as refrigerant that are only partly true or simply outdated. As a leading provider of solutions also for CO2 systems, Danish-based Danfoss has collected all these possibly misleading assumptions about CO2 to explain them in a comprehensible way. Myths such as the safety, efficiency or costs of CO2 systems are discussed or overruled by case studies that proof the opposite.

The complete list of discussed topics includes: Safety, efficiency, cost, global warming, cold climates, high pressure, availability, level of difficulty, level of knowledge and importance.

Have a look at the website by clicking here.

Latest case studies using natural refrigerants successfully

The list of case studies, Danfoss proposes to showcase how efficient, reliable and safe CO2 systems are already used in different climates includes the following:
  • The world’s biggest CO2 refrigeration system in Danish discount retailer Netto with a net performance of 1,000 kW for refrigeration and 300 kW for freezing
  • Carrefour in China saves 15% on the electricity bill through refrigeration control
  • World\'s first 100% CO2 System for ice rinks with Danfoss valves
  • Slovenia supermarket cut energy consumption by 17.5% thanks to ADAP-KOOL® control system
  • NH3/CO2 fluid solution in industrial refrigeration
  • Dual temperature ammonia/CO2 fluid refrigeration system at Canadian food processing plant
Savings calculator

The website also features a tool, with which one can easily calculate potential energy savings when replacing traditional refrigerants with CO2 either in brine, cascade or transcritical systems. The application makes the comparison based on a geographical location and contains models of 11 commonly used refrigeration cycles and more than 4,000 commercially available compressors.

Find optimal CO2 technology and application examples

In addition, Danfoss informs everybody on its campaign website about how to choose the right CO2 technology for different conditions. This includes the specific features of either transcritical, cascade or brine applications. Related application examples give a detail overview of each system and what technicians, service personnel or users have to consider when using either of these systems.

About Danfoss

The Danfoss group is one of the largest industrial companies in Denmark, with its business activities divided into three main areas: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Heating & Water and Motion Controls. Its Refrigeration and Air Conditioning division is specialised on automatic controls, and electronic controls & sensors.


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Dec 15, 2011, 11:44

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