AHR Expo Chicago: CO2 products on display 2012 - Part II

By R744.com team, Jan 31, 2012, 00:00 3 minute reading

In part two of the AHR special, R744.com is highlighting more companies from the AHR Expo that are involved in the development of CO2 technology on the US market. Products and market expectations from industry leaders as well as newcomers seen in Chicago last week can be discovered below.

More companies presenting their views on the development of CO2 in the US as well as their innovative CO2 products at the AHR Expo that took place from 23 - 25 January in Chicago:

Alfa Laval: The heat exchanger expert exhibited several of its next generation heat exchangers suitable for CO2. This included the Alfa Laval Optigo air heat exchanger designed for a higher and more efficient cooling capacity with lower pressure consumption. Also its AXP brazed heat exchangers specifically designed for CO2 in subcritical and transcritical applications was on display.

Danfoss: The global leader for energy efficient solutions also for CO2 components states that they see a very strong push from the end-users towards CO2 equipment. Especially retailers in the US want to use natural refrigerants to differentiate themselves from their competitors by being ecological but more energy efficient at the same time.

Emerson: Emerson presented its Copeland Scroll compressor technology designed for high efficiency in subcritical CO2 applications. Features of Emerson’s technology include higher mass flow without using suction or discharge valves and a steel shell that is tested to withstand high pressure levels. Emerson is looking to establish itself as a driving force for natural refrigerant technology in the US market.

MicroGroove: The International Copper Association displayed its MicroGroove copper tubes that can increase the efficiency of the CO2 refrigeration system and are already used in CO2 heat exchangers from several companies. The tubes are available in sizes from conventional to small diameters with various wall thicknesses and suitable for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. “We see a strong move to natural refrigerants on the US market. We believe that CO2 has the advantage of being efficient and very safe. The benefits of using copper tubes include exceptional strength and durability, which are exactly the attributes needed for a heat exchanger using R744”, says Robert Weed, Vice President of the Copper Development Association.

Kaori: The Taiwanese supplier of heat exchangers has been awarded the “Green Product AHR” label for its CO2 heat exchanger on display. While at last year’s AHR Expo Kaori decided to not yet showcase the R744 range, it clearly sees interest increasing in the solution this year. So far, all products are imported to the US market directly from Taiwan, counting on a US-based distribution centre.

Panasonic/Sanyo: As one of the leaders on air-conditioning, Panasonic acquired Sanyo and its high-efficiency CO2 compressor technology last year. At the AHR Expo they showcased for the first time at a trade show the Sanyo CO2 heat pump that provides low cost, low carbon heating and hot water ready also for the US market. Panasonic confirms that the priority markets for CO2 compressors are currently in commercial supermarket refrigeration and in hot water heaters, although the compressor range covers a wide range of small to large applications. Following the only very recent takeover of Sanyo, the company is planning for a more active marketing strategy of R744 models in the North American market.

AccuTools: The American portable instruments developer had its AccuToolsR eL-720 carbon dioxide gas leak detector for detections less than 400 PPM on display.

Sherwood: The company’s valves for CO2 secondary refrigeration systems are already being used in US-American supermarket systems. Sherwood is ready to develop and supply valves also for transcritical applications once North American food retailers show serious demand.


By R744.com team (@r744)

Jan 31, 2012, 00:00

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