New product announcements by Corona, Daikin and Sharp - Eco Cute Update

By Sabine Lobnig, Jun 01, 2012, 12:17 1 minute reading

Three Japanese manufacturers bring new or upgraded CO2 water heater models on the market: Corona upgrades two models in the Premium Eco Cute line, adding extra energy and water saving functions. Daikin brings new commercial Eco Cute models on the market and Sharp releases Eco Cute line with new Multi Energy Monitors.

Corona: model change of Premium Eco Cute line

In July, Corona will start selling two upgraded Premium Eco Cute models with water capacities of 370L and 460L. Both models offer high efficiency scroll compressors and can operate in temperatures down to -25℃.

New features:
  • Increased COP for 370L model (3.1 → 3.2), COP 3.1 for 460L model
  • Improved NaviMode remote control, simple graph visualisation of a week’s water consumption
  • Water saving function – manual control of previously automatic bath fill

The 370L model will sell for a retail price of ¥871,000 (€8,902).
The 460L model will sell for a retail price of ¥945,000 (€9,658).

Daikin: introduction of new commercial Eco Cute models

Two new Eco Cute models with heating capacity 7.5kW (Type I) and 15kW (Type II) suitable for small to mid-size commercial applications will be available in the Japanese market in June. Up to 4 Type II units can be connected and deliver 13,000 litres of hot water. Both models are equipped with water and energy saving functions such as night-storage operation control and “peak-cut” operation. The 7.5kW model will sell for ¥950,000 (€9,709) and the 15kW model for ¥1,500,000 (€15,330).

Sharp: integrated control panel for Eco Cute and solar power generation systems

In May, Sharp released two Eco Cute models (WX-SB46F and WX-SB37F) equipped with a remote control panel called Multi Energy Monitor (JH-RWL4). This device integrates controlling and monitoring functions of Eco Cute unit and connected solar power generation system. The Multi Energy Monitor comes with a 7inch colour touch panel and a user-friendly interface providing daily information related to energy conservation. The control panel sells for ¥102,270 (€1,045). Expected number of units produced is 300 per month.

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By Sabine Lobnig

Jun 01, 2012, 12:17

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