CO2 heat pumps are growing in popularity in China

By Huiting Jia, Aug 07, 2012, 16:15 2 minute reading

The CO2 heat pump market is fast developing in China, with the technology being applied in hospitals, train stations, schools and public buildings. has collected several case studies on CO2 heat pump installations by Shandong Malinda, one of the first Chinese domestic CO2 heat pump manufacturers to develop and showcase the natural refrigerant technology in China.

More and more CO2 heat pumps are used in space and water heating in residential and commercial sectors in China. A group of domestic manufacturers has emerged, with the  Chinese company Shandong Melinda one of the first CO2 heat pump manufacturers to enter the market. Today the company already has more than 30 CO2 heat pump installations across the country.
Heating Bumade Station on the Qinghai-Tibet railway line, at 4,800m above sea level
Three 50kW CO2 heat pumps have been installed in a 3000 m2 maintenance area of the Bumade railway station at 4800 m above sea level to provide space and water heating. According to Malinda, the heat pumps work well even during the winter period when the outside temperature is as low as -30°C. The heat pump project is the highest in elevation and lowest in operating temperature in China. 
50% energy saving for hot drinking water production in Wuhan University
A CO2 heat pump water heater has been installed in the Wuhan University of China to provide hot drinking water, since October 2011. The combined CO2 heat pump and electric boiler saves 50% in energy for the university compared with a 100% electric boiler. By heating water to 80°C with the CO2 heat pump first, and then to 100°C with the electric boiler, the system is able to provide 5 tons hot drinking water per day to students. 
Solar hybrid CO2 heat pump heating solution in Shenyang Children’ s Hospital
In 2011, the Shenyang Children’s Hospital installed a combined heating system with two CO2 heat pumps and 200 m2 of solar thermal collectors. The hospital has relatively high space heating and sanitary hot water needs. The CO2 heat pumps can supply 40 tons hot water at 60°C per day to the hospital. The system has operated smoothly for a year even when the outside temperature is as low as -28°C in winter.
CO2 heat pump space heating for a 1000 m2 Ministry of Railways building
In an old building transformation project in the city of Yinchuan, Gansu Province, a 1000 m2 Ministry of Railways building adopted a CO2 heat pump to replace the old 200kW gas-fired boiler for space heating. Compared with the former gas-fired boiler, the CO2 system saves RMB 128,000 (~€16,000) in operating costs per year and 63.8 tons of coal equivalent, reducing annual CO2 emission by 160 tons.
About Shandong Melinda
Shandong Melinda is a Chinese CO2 heat pump manufacturer established in 2007.  The company was one of the first to focus on the research, development and production of CO2 heat pumps and high temperature water-source heat pumps. Its CO2 heat pumps cover residential, commercial and industrial applications and have been applied throughout China in hotels, schools, hospitals and public sauna lounges, which have a high hot water demand.


By Huiting Jia

Aug 07, 2012, 16:15

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