New CO2 vending machines from Japan make 95% peak electricity reduction possible

By Past Member, Aug 23, 2012, 11:44 1 minute reading

Up to 16 hours without any electricity needed for cooling, that is the main feature of the newly developed CO2 vending machine A011. This “super saving” machine addresses the very real problem of peak electricity shortages in Japan.

Super energy saving CO2 vending machine to tackle a hot problem in Japan

Coca Cola Japan and its main vending machine manufacturer for Japan, Fuji Electric Retail Systems announced results of their cooperation on project “Apollo”. The newly developed type of vending machine A011, based on the latest CO2 technology, is able to significantly shift the electricity consumption to night hours.

By using vacuum heat resistance materials, which reduces the release of cold air during dispening, and by pre-cooling the content at night when the energy supply is abundant, the A011 can significantly reduce its electricity consumption during the day. For up to 16 hours the electricity consumption can be reduced by up to 95%.


Starting July 2nd, for the period of two months the A011 vending machines are being deployed in several areas with hot climates around Japan for field testing.

Addressing the peak shift of electricity consumption in Japan is a hot topic, particularly in the summer months from July to September. After the Fukushima nuclear accident nearly all of the Japan’s nuclear power plants are on hold. Several electricity utilities in Japan including TEPCO supplying the Tokyo metropolis area are seeing peak electricity demand reaching dangerous levels at over 90% of the available supply.



By Past Member

Aug 23, 2012, 11:44

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