New product announcements by Corona, Hitachi and Daikin - Eco Cute Update

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Three major Japanese Eco Cute manufacturers released information about their new residential Eco Cute models. The updates have little in terms of major technology breakthrough relating to the core CO2 cycle, with manufacturers instead focusing on improving peripheral technology and increasing user-friendliness.

Corona expands its cold climate Eco Cute line-up

Two new fullly automatic models of residential CO2 heat pump water heaters for use in northern districts like Hokkaido were added to Corona’s product portfolio. Equipped with high performance scroll compressors both CHP-37AW1K (370L) and CHP-46AW1K (460L) models operate in environments with temperatures down to -25°C with an annual performance factor (APF) of 3.0. New models with tank capacities of 370 and 460 liters will be available on the Japanese market in October for ¥834,750 (€8,290) and ¥908,250 (€9,030).

Source: Corona

“Niagara” series and total of 22 new models from Hitachi Appliances

New models of residential Eco Cute from Hitachi Appliances will enter the Japanese market in October this year. The main feature is a 3% improvement in energy efficiency in comparison to previous models. New models are equipped with Hitachi’s original system delivering high pressure hot water even when supplied to two different places simultaneously.

The fullly automatic Niagara series comes with a standard tank or a low-profile tank. The retail price starts from ¥887,250 (€8820) for 370 liters model with the standard tank (BHP-F37LD). The 460 liters model with the low-profile tank (BHP-FS46LD) will be available for ¥1,023,750 (€10,170).

Hitachi Appliances
Source: Hitachi Appliances

Daikin’s autumn release of 42 models under series 7

So called “powerful pressure” is a standard feature of all models in the updated series 7 of residential Eco Cute water heaters coming to the market this fall/winter. Responding to consumer needs Daikin increased the outlet water pressure 1.8 times to 300kPa reducing the time to fill the bathtub by 20%.

To improve energy and water saving new models are equipped with an “eco-bath” function that contributes to 37% energy savings during the hot bath water preservation. High pressure fullly automatic models with tank capacities of 370 – 460 litres will be available on the Japanese market from October-December in the price range ¥787,500 – 976,500 (€7,850 – 9,730 ).

Source: Daikin

For press release and more product technical information, please, see the attached links (in Japanese).


By Past Member

Sep 26, 2012, 13:55

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