CORRECTED: Carrefour opens new CO2 store in France 

By Huiting Jia, Nov 30, 2012, 11:01 2 minute reading

On 13 November 2012, Carrefour opened a new CO2 store, the La Chapelle Saint‐Luc hypermarket in the Aube department in North‐Eastern France.
 CORRECTION: With the NH3/CO2 refrigeration system and other innovative energy saving technologies, Carrefour aims to realise 20% energy savings in the new store. 

The La Chapelle Saint‐Luc hypermarket is Carrefour’s third CO2 store in France. The hypermarket’s cooling system is a NH3/CO2 cascade with pump CO2 on the medium temperature side and also CO2 as refrigerant on the low temperature side. The store is located right in the centre of the Escapade shopping centre, which covers a sales area of 7,000 m². The Carrefour hypermarket is built based on the “spirit of nature” concept.
20% less energy consumption and 30% decrease in size of cooling equipment
With the new refrigeration system and other innovative energy saving technologies, Carrefour aims to reduce the store’s energy consumption by around 20%. In addition, Carrefour also targets to decrease the size of its cooling equipment by approximately 30% in the store. 
The store has closed refrigerated cabinets for all fresh and frozen products. All the refrigerated cabinets are double glazed, with LED lighting. 
Carrefour chooses CO2 in its new refrigeration equipment in Europe
In France, the Carrefour Group has already had two CO2 stores. In February 2012, the Carrefour market of Beaurains-les-Arras installed the first transcritical CO2 system in a French supermarket. The systems  leads to annual energy savings of 10 to 15% compared to a R404A systems. Subsequently in July 2012, Carrefour installed the second CO2 transcritical refrigeration system in Lyon. The CO2OLtec system supplied by Carrier provides 10% higher energy efficiency compared to conventional refrigeration systems on average in mild to cold climate conditions.
Besides France, the Carrefour Group has adopted several CO2 cascade systems in Italy, Spain and Turkey.  In Spain, after several tests of the CO2 / R134a cascade systems, the retailer is planning to adopt CO2 cascade technology for all new projects and renewals of complete refrigeration plants. In Italy, a CO2 transcritical system reduces the overall energy bills of the hypermarket in Burolo by 7%. In Turkey, Carrefour installed the country’s first subcritical CO2 refrigeration system in a supermarket in Istanbul.


By Huiting Jia

Nov 30, 2012, 11:01

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