AHR Expo 2013: The year of CO2 in the USA is yet to come - Part 3

By Silvia Scaldaferri, Feb 07, 2013, 12:32 3 minute reading

More than 51,000 attendees filled the aisles of the Dallas Convention Center to see all the latest products and technologies displayed 1,900 companies. Among these a range of system manufacturers and component suppliers offered CO2 (R744) solutions for various applications from commercial refrigeration to hot water heating and air-conditioning. + VIDEO (+ PHOTOS Parts 1, 2 & 3)

Dorin/Blissfield: The Italian-based compressor specialist displayed its CO2 compressor range for subcritical and transcritical applications at the Blissfield booth in Dallas. As one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of heat exchangers, fluid coolers and gas coolers, Blissfield has been using Dorin’s products successfully for several years. “This year, we see already more interest for CO2 products in North America. Instead of talking, there is more action,” confirmed Brian Porter, corporate director of sales at Blissfield. “A lot of interest comes from Canada especially for ice rinks and supermarkets. But also in Chicago we have first CO2 installations and once this is proven, it will be a push for the rest of the country,” he adds.

Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, released their new CO Series Copper Filter-Drier specifically designed for vending machine and beverage dispensing equipment. The CO series can withstand the extreme pressure of transcritical CO2 systems and can handle the industry’s highest pressure capability with maximum rated pressure of 2,250 psig (15.5 MPa) (UL file SA1756) while providing complete system protection in a compact design. Also featured was the Sporlan line of CO2 gas cooler valves, developed for supermarket refrigeration systems in response to customer demand. Gordon Coates from the New Product Development division comments, “[Customers] have also asked for better low-flow capability, higher resolution valves, so this is an answer to that.” Construction of these valves are in stainless steel with 3 different body sizes and replaceable cartridge assembly and screen, “everything is interchangeable, it’s a modular type design”, adds Coates. Also on display are the latest transcritical CO2 controllers.

The global supplier of commercial and industrial-size heat exchangers, chillers and compressors did not have any CO2 products on display. GEA confirmed that demand for CO2 in industrial refrigeration would follow a rather volatile pattern, with fluctuations in market uptake being closely connected to the industry’s overall economic situation. Ammonia would continue to dominate the market in the years to come, with CO2 being a complementary way to reduce safety concerns.

Bitzer: Leading compressor supplier Bitzer displayed its 4HTC-20K model for CO2 transcritical booster systems and heat pump applications - two areas where first installations are in place and major progress can be expected in the coming years. The UL approved model is available in a variable frequency drive speed range from 30-70 HZ, and in 10-30 HP. Bitzer’s semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor range is based on its Octagon compressor range and has been now extended in capacity range to the models 4DTC-25K and 4CTC-30K.

MicroGroove: The Copper Alliance showcased MicroGroove technology with a focus on commercial applications. “Smaller diameter, inner-grooved copper tubes have proven to be well-suited for the high-volume production of residential air conditioners,” said Nigel Copper, MicroGroove teamleader at the International Copper Association. “Now it is time that the same benefits also apply for commercial and industrial systems,” he added. Heat exchanger manufacturer Spirotech showcased examples of Microgroove technology featuring being used in its heat exchanger models at their AHR booth.

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By Silvia Scaldaferri

Feb 07, 2013, 12:32

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