New European Industry Survey on Natural Refrigerants launched

By Huiting Jia, Feb 25, 2013, 12:26 2 minute reading

After a 2011 global HVAC&R industry survey received more than 1,200 replies, market development company shecco is now looking to get stakeholders’ input on market trends for natural refrigerants (NR) only on the European continent, covering 50+ countries. A special focus this time is put on the business case for natural refrigerants, as well as the training and policy dimension. 

The survey is specifically addressed to industry experts and end-users interested in natural refrigerants (NR). This includes all those that are using or providing NR solutions, but also those not (yet) active in NR solutions. The survey enquires about the current and future use of carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrocarbons, water and air as refrigerants in mobile and stationary applications. It will collect input to evaluate the economic importance of NR in today’s HVAC&R industry and among commercial/industrial end-users, as well as shed light on market projections until 2020. 
Respondents that took part in a 2011 global survey about natural refrigerants are encouraged to participate again to indicate any changes in the last two years, and allow for a consistent comparison with today’s situation. To allow for different industry perspectives, shecco is also looking to receive input from those not engaged in any NR activities. 
The survey will take participants around 10-15 minutes, with a maximum of 21 questions. To access the survey, please follow this link: 
Survey Topics
The questionnaire will enquire about the following areas:
  • Use of natural refrigerants today and by 2020, per application
  • Geographic markets with NR activities
  • Share of products & services, staff members, and R&D activities related to NR – today & by 2020
  • Cooperation partners for R&D activities related to NR
  • Market share of NR, per application and refrigerant, by 2020
  • Purchasing criteria for commercial/industrial end-users, compatibility of NR with these
  • Training situation by refrigerant and type of activity, per country
  • Impact of policy issues on the market development

Focus on Europe
All HVAC&R industry experts and end-users with operations in Europe are eligible for taking the survey. Besides the European Union, the questionnaire was designed to also take into consideration responses from Southeastern and Eastern Europe. This will cover 50+ countries from which input is sought. 
Most questions in the survey will be specifically focusing on the European dimension, to allow for a comparison with other world regions. 
GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants 
Results will be part of an updated free publication called the “GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants “ on the European market. Publication is planned for the 2nd part of 2013. As an additional incentive, and after having indicated the areas of activities and the natural refrigerants used in each, organisations are eligible for being included in a business directory part of the GUIDE. 


By Huiting Jia

Feb 25, 2013, 12:26

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