CO2 heat pump water heaters that work at -40°C introduced to Northern Chinese market

By Huiting Jia, May 16, 2013, 10:39 3 minute reading

In a live show in Shanxi Province, Shanghai Highly, the Chinese compressor manufacturer introduced CO2 heat pump water heaters that can operate at temperatures as low as -40°C, suitable for consumers in cold Northern China. Shanghai Highly regards there are good market prospects for CO2 heat pump water heaters in the North of China.

Recently, Shanghai Highly held a live experience show for the company’s innovative CO2 heat pump water heater in Shanxi Province in the North of China. The show gave consumers a chance to explore benefits of CO2 heat pump water heaters.
CO2 heat pumps designed for -20°C temperatures of harsh Northern Chinese winters 
CO2 heat pumps have already found applications in some Southern cities in China. However, constrained by technology, most CO2 heat pumps available in the current market can only work above -1°C. Therefore CO2 heat pump water heaters hardly have a market in the north of the country where winter temperatures usually range from -10~-20°C.   
In order to promote CO2 compressors in Sorthern Chinese market, Shanghai Highly has introduced the new G-Power series of CO2 compressors. The CO2 heat compressor is designed for household & commercial heat pump water heaters with a heating capacity between 3500W and 11,600W. The compressor enables CO2 heat pump water heaters to operate smoothly during cold winter period at temperatures as low as -40°C. The outlet temperature is as high as 95°C. According to Highly that the COP value of the CO2 heat pump can reach 5.3, which would correspond to 80% energy savings.
CO2 heat pump water heaters are popular among consumers from the North of China
Consumers from Northern China have been anticipating available air-sourced heat pump water heaters for a long time. Consumer Mr Liu said: “We already know that air-sourced water heater can save energy. Unfortunately the products available only apply in the South and not in the North”. Shanghai Highly’s new CO2 compressors are therefore likely to be warmly welcomed by consumers. After experiencing the CO2 heat pump water heater live, consumer Ms Li from Shanxi expressed: “I have never heard that a water heater can produce hot water even when outside temperatures are under -40°C.” The new product is an important step towards the wider application of CO2 heat pump water heaters in Northern China.
Policy environment favours the growth of CO2 heat pumps in China
In China, winter heating in consumes large amount of energy. As CO2 heat pump water heaters for residences and small commercial buildings can reach higher efficiencies, the market potential is likely very large in the North of China.  
According to Mr Zhnang Li, the Chief Engineer of Shanghai Highly, the greater market uptake for air-sourced heat pumps, especially environmental friendly CO2 heat pump is on the way:“To a big consumer of energy like China, the market for CO2 heat pump water heater has a very large potential.  Although the market is still at the beginning stages, the release of  “New Energy Law” by the Chinese government and other government policies are leaning more and more towards low carbon and energy efficient technologies, so CO2 heat pumps indeed have broad market prospects in the country.” 
About Shanghai Highly
Shanghai Highly (Group) Co., Ltd.’s main products include home air conditioning compressors, dehumidifier compressors, heat pump-specific compressors, special refrigeration equipment, casting, commercial freezers, automobile starters, etc. At present, the annual production capacity of the Company, that mainly manufacturing air conditioning compressors, reaches 18 million units. Products sell to over 160 countries and regions in the world.


By Huiting Jia

May 16, 2013, 10:39

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