China builds a new CO2 cascade cold store with 100,000 ton refrigerating capacity

By Huiting Jia, Sep 03, 2013, 15:47 1 minute reading

China’s first large scale R404A/CO2 cascade project, the first of its kind in China’s cold chain logistics sector will open in Chongqing next year. It is estimated that the adoption of CO2 cascade refrigeration technology to cool the cold store, could reduce investment in the project by 30%.

The CO2 cold store, located in the Chongqing Kaier International Cold Chain Logistics Industrial Park, will be start operating in March, 2014. Once established, the 100,000 ton CO2 cold store will be the first application of R404A/CO2 technology in China’s cold storage sector. 
100,000 ton cold store integrates key cold chain processes
The cold store covers an area of 45, 995 m2 in the Jiangbei Industrial Park of Chongqing. The cold store integrates manufacturing and processing, freezing and refrigeration, product trade and logistics delivery. Thanks to the cold store, the Industrial park will feature:
  • 100,000 ton cold storage 
  • 72,000 ton freezing space 
  • 19,000 m2 office zone 
  • 7,000 m2 trading area 
  • 8,000 m2 processing base. 
CO2 cascade technology realises 30% cost savings 
A total investment of RMB 500 million (€61 million) has been made in the cold store project, which will replace a previous ammonia based system with a R404A/CO2 cascade refrigeration system. According to Congqing Kaier International, the adoption of the CO2 cascade technology potentially reduced the total project investment by 30% compared with conventional refrigeration systems. Zeng Fanjiang, the General Manger of Chongqing Kaier International regards the R404A/CO2 cascade technology to be proven as safe, energy efficient and environmentally benign for industrial refrigeration and food retail applications in China.
The state-owned company China Icepower Energy Tehcnology Co. Ltd. introduced the CO2 cascade technology from abroad and is currently cooperating with leading international CO2 compressor manufacturers and other component suppliers to bring to light this innovative, environmental friendly and energy-saving demonstration project. 


By Huiting Jia

Sep 03, 2013, 15:47

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