New Eco Cute product announcements, HEMS compatibility and cash-back campaign for lucky buyers - Eco Cute Update

By Jan Dusek, Oct 25, 2013, 09:40 3 minute reading

Japanese manufacturers Sanden, Hitachi and Corona have released information about their new Eco Cute models. Improved core components increase the overall efficiency while interface devices make it possible to connect the Eco Cute heat pumps to increasingly popular Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) that monitor and control all functions remotely. Panasonic, having already sold 1,000,000 Eco Cute units in Japan, has announced a €150 cash-back incentive for

ECHONET Lite system from Sanden to connect Eco Cute to HEMS

Sanden, Japanese manufacturer of residential Eco Cute heat pump (HP), has in a recent news release announced a launch of ECHONET Lite system that makes it possible to connect an Eco Cute HP to Home Energy Management System (HEMS). Once the Eco Cute HP is connected through a communication module, users can visualise and control the setting through their HEMS interface. The Eco Cute then connects to the the network of home appliances and devices such as solar collectors or an electric vehicle and help further reduce the electricity consumption of the households.

Sanden’s Eco Cute water heaters that are currently available on the market and support the newly introduced ECHONET Lite systems are available in 370 liter and 460 liter models for prices ranging from 787,500¥ (€5,910) to 924,000¥ (€6,930). Communication module and remote controls are to be purchased separately.

1 million units on the market and new 150€ cash-back campaign by Panasonic

In September 2013, Panasonic Eco Solutions announced a new campaign “Hatachi Renovation” to support sales of its products from the all-electric platform. The buyers of a Panasonic’s residential Eco Cute water heater, residential solar panels (HIT series) or a IH cooking heater (T series) will be selected in a lottery and eligible for cash-back. 300 selected purchasers of residential Eco Cute heat pump will received 20,000 ¥ (€150) or can select one of the optional product presents. The campaign lasts until the end of December 2013. Panasonic recently announced that it has sold already 1,000,000 Eco Cute units on the Japanese market. With the new campaign, cash-back incentives are new tool to farther stimulate the demand.

Hitachi releases improved efficiency products with sales target of 3,500 units a month

28 new models of Hitachi Appliances residential Eco Cute, all compatible with the 2017 Top Runner Program efficiency requirements were released on 20 October 2013. 6 high efficiency models of the Niagara series reach Annual Performance Factor (APF) measured by Japanese JIS standard of 3.5 – 3.6. According to the product press release, the efficiency and performance gains were achieved by improved heat absorption of the evaporator or increased compressor efficiency. Newly released models come with a hot water storage tank capacities 370, 460 or 560 liters with prices ranging from 842,250¥ to 1,118,250¥ (€6,320 – 8,390) including tax. Manufacturer intends to sell 3,500 units monthly.

6 HEMS compatible Eco Cute models for cold climate by Corona

High efficiency scroll compressors optimised for low ambient temperatures heat pump systems are the key component of 6 newly released Eco Cute models by Corona. A newly added feature is the compatibility with HEMS – increasingly popular energy monitoring system among Japanese households. The high pressure premium models have APF of 3.2 (470 liter) and 3.3 (370 liter) and can supply hot water to two places at 3 floor elevation simultaneously. New models are available for prices starting at 845,250¥ (€6,350), the premium model with 460 liters storage tank will be sold for 1,039,500¥ (€7,800) including tax starting end of October 2013.

See the attached links for the press release and more product technical information (in Japanese).


By Jan Dusek

Oct 25, 2013, 09:40

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