real,- opens green store using CO2 for refrigeration

By Simon Burkel, Oct 30, 2013, 14:34 2 minute reading

The German retailer real,-, part of the METRO group, opened its new “green” store in Essen, Germany, on the 24th of October. The new market with a shopping area of 9,500 m2, uses a cascade refrigeration system with CO2 for low temperature. 

The new supermarket recently opened by real,- claims to set new standards with respect to climate protection. By using CO2 as refrigerant and doors on all cases, the retailer is reducing its energy consumption by up to 50% and minimises carbon emissions. In addition, the store’s green roof will serve as natural insulation. 
New “green” store sets new standards
The new market in Essen is equipped with an R134a/CO2 cascade system. The cooling capacity is about 60 kW for LT and 400 kW for MT. The cascade system is designed with the following features: 
  • Optimised choice of cabinets with EC fans and optimised evaporators
  • Heat recovery unit for complete utilisation of waste heat
  • Mechanical sub cooling of the liquid line in summer operation
  • Air sub cooler in the liquid line for all-year increase in efficiency
  • Electronic expansion valves with efficiency coil, type ECC for CO2
  • High quality compressors by Bitzer, type Ecoline 
  • Optimised, demand-oriented design of the evaporators
  • Condensation heat is used for the heating
CO2 refrigeration system helps to achieve carbon emissions reduction target
According to real,-, the purchasing decisions of their consumer base depends on more than just product quality and price. A decisive purchasing criterion is the retailer’s compliance with social, economic and environmental responsibility standards. In line with its stakeholder interests, real,- has therefore set the following corporate emission reduction targets: by 2020, real,- wants to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent per m2 of shopping area compared to 2011. To achieve these targets, the following measures have been implemented:
  • Since 2009, all new stores use CO2 refrigeration systems for LT and R134a for MT. 
  • Since 2008, 95% of the LT cabinets have been equipped with sliding lids or glass doors. 
  • The waste heat of the refrigeration systems is used for water and space heating in the store and storage rooms

It was back in 2004 that real,- operated its first test store, with a R404A/CO2 refrigeration system. The successful trial led the retailer to decide in 2009 that all new stores would use R134a for the MT and CO2 for the LT. With the R134a/CO2 cascade systems, real,- has achieved reductions in energy consumption of up to 35% compared to the previously used R404 only systems. By installing glass doors at the cabinets, energy savings of 50% are expected.
real,- is a European hypermarket operator and part of the German trade and retail giant METRO AG. real,- operates 310 hypermarkets in Germany and stores in Poland, Romania, Russia and Turkey. 


By Simon Burkel

Oct 30, 2013, 14:34

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