Eight-storey home for the elderly features CO2 refrigeration & AC for ground floor supermarket

By Klara Skačanová, Jan 14, 2014, 10:55 3 minute reading

An innovative and challenging HVAC&R project involving the installation of a refrigeration & air conditioning (AC) system for a ground floor supermarket, with the CO2 gas coolers located on the rooftop of an eight-storey building, was successfully completed by Carnot Refrigeration in Montreal, Canada.

The CO2 installation for the 2,382m2 IGA Gouin-Millen supermarket that opened in March 2013 features transcritical CO2 refrigeration, CO2 air conditioning (AC) and 100% heat reclaim technology.

Tour of a facility like no other

On the sale floor, thanks to Carnot accelerated passive defrost technology and certified Eurovent medium temperature cases, the consumer experience is enhanced: salads do not wilt and product shelf lives are increased. For the supermarket, it means better quality food, lower energy consumption and lower electrical installation costs.

When the customer enters the supermarket he is greeted by a light air curtain, generated by the free heat recovery system. The high quality of the Carnot heat recovery system can be seen in the heat reclaim coils made of stainless steel, and the use of tubes instead of pipes. These drastically reduce the risk of leakage because whereas a tube can be bent the commonly used pipe requires welding at each joint.

Thanks to heat reclaim and CO2 air conditioning systems, consumers enjoy a pleasant temperature while the shop’s atmosphere is completely dehumidified. Dehumidification and hot gas defrost technology allow for better looking products in low temperature cases.

System features

The plant room is underground, and caters for the needs of:
  • 87 medium temperature cases and evaporators
  • 33 low temperatures cases and evaporators

Among the features for the installation are:
  • Heat reclaim and air conditioning stainless steel coils
  • CO2 Water heat plate exchanger that allows hot water reducing the energy consumption
  • Gas coolers: 2 -1 for refrigeration and 1 for AC
  • Bitzer compressors (trans and subcritical, and for AC)
  • Medium temperature load : 350 845 Btu/hr
  • Low temperature load : 227 566Btu/hr
  • AC load: 720 00 Btu/hr
  • 100% heat reclaim
  • Remote monitoring

Collaboration between building owner, supermarket and technical team key to project success

This commercial building where the refrigeration systems are located on level -2, in the building basement, and where the gas coolers are located on level 8, on the roof, was not an easy project to manage.

Needs and objectives of three parties had to be met: the building owner promoting the retirement home; the owner of the supermarket, with its technical needs; and the technical team. The HVAC&R system had to be silent and without vibration so as not to disturb the elderly, technical companies had to adjust to a space that was already built, and the new supermarket needed to show off its green technologies and new shop floor.

Two virtually silent gas coolers installed on the rooftop of a home for the elderly

The installation of the 100% transcritical CO2 system had to meet numerous standards including with regards to low noise levels to avoid any inconvenience for the residents of the building. Therefore the 2 gas coolers on the rooftop of the senior citizens house meet the highest standards in terms of low noise levels.

About Carnot Refrigeration

Carnot Refrigeration was established in 2008 with the goal of addressing several issues in the supermarket sector: increasing energy costs, uncontrollable leaks of polluting refrigerants, redundant maintenance costs, lack of reliability of systems etc. Thanks to a gradual and thorough innovation process, Carnot Refrigeration succeeded in designing and developing an optimal CO2 refrigeration system, now recognised by many associations and clients (GreenChill, ASHRAE, Green Building Council etc.). It has taken the lead in its field by creating eco-efficient CO2 systems, providing high-efficiency options such as heat reclaim or innovative defrost processes. Carnot Refrigeration is now one of the most experienced companies in CO2 refrigeration in North America, meeting the needs of supermarkets, refrigerated warehouses as well as sport facilities (arenas).


By Klara Skačanová

Jan 14, 2014, 10:55

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