EuroShop 2014: CO2-based products on show not limited to commercial refrigeration systems and components

By Elke Milner, Mar 04, 2014, 10:14 3 minute reading’s on-site reporters attended one of the world’s largest trade fairs EuroShop 2014, held in Düsseldorf, Germany, from 16- 20 February. In addition to the CO2 supermarket refrigeration systems and components on display, EuroShop 2014 also featured a range of R744 products aimed at greening other aspects of the retail value chain, including waste heat recovery to reduce store energy consumption, integrated energy management solutions, icemakers and a CO2

When it comes to CO2 as a natural refrigerant, EuroShop 2014 offered much more than the commercial components and systems on show in 2011. Icemakers using CO2 were prevalent this year, as well as more solutions for heat waste recovery and integrated energy management. The high number of new CO2 products on show indicates that suppliers and manufacturers are adapting to the growing market demand for a comprehensive offering of natural refrigerant products to meet retailers' sustainability targets across their different business areas.
Dramatic increase in CO2 icemakers on display reporters noted that the use of natural refrigerants for icemakers seems to be a rising trend. EuroShop 2014 showcased a number of icemaker suppliers employing natural refrigerants as compared to 2011. This increased competition is a good sign, for both customers and the environment.
Higel Kältetechnik: The Higel booth showcased a CO2-based scale icemaker, available in a wide range of production capacity to fit a variety of needs.
ITV Ice Makers: ITV has recently started producing machines using natural refrigerants. The ICE QUEEN line of ice flakers uses CO2 to create granulated ice with the recommended properties ideal for hypermarkets.
MAJA: Since 2008, MAJA has produced a range of products using natural refrigerants NH3 and CO2, and the company supplies more than 100 CO2 icemakers per year. MAJA strives to deliver efficient, quality products to its customers, which is why they have developed and installed a self cleaning process in their icemakers and have optimized the controls so that when the machine is not making ice it is in self-cleaning mode.
In addition to these three icemaker suppliers, Ziegra Eismachinen and Brema Ice Makers were also present at Euroshop 2014 and displayed their natural solutions for ice making at their booths.
CO2 waste heat recovery & integrated energy management
DK Kälteanlagen has developed a waste heat recovery unit for CO2 transcritical units that is able to use the energy needed in cooling plants twice, once for the cooling processes and once to heat drinking water or heating water, or a combination of both, which ensures a high level of energy efficiency.  The DK Heat-Recovery comes in two different systems, one with an internal heat exchanger and one with an external heat exchanger.
In response to increasing energy costs and environmental regulations, Teko has realised the need to develop new solutions in commercial refrigeration.The Cool2Heat system combines different systems into just one, and because of the built in waste heat recovery feature, the separate heating system has been eliminated entirely, allowing for a complete and energy efficient scheme. 
Container refrigeration systems using CO2 
Hafner Muschler presented its new compact container refrigeration systems featuring renewable energy sources, heat recovery, and CO2 as a natural refrigerant. The systems include plug-and-play technology and may be equipped with a heat exchanger or condenser on the container roof.
Carrier, the leading supplier of natural refrigeration solutions, has extended its use of natural refrigerants to include units for marine transport. NaturaLine is the first CO2 refrigerant-based solution developed for marine container shipping.


By Elke Milner

Mar 04, 2014, 10:14

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