Heat Pumps capture new markets in Asia & the EU

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The use of heat pumps as one of the most environmentally friendly heating solutions is gaining momentum in the EU, Japan and China, the specialized magazine JARN reports. CO2 hot water heaters are at the core of marketing strategies.

Heat pumps are moving to the global spotlight as climate change pressure and energy constraints dominate public debates. In its December 2007 edition, JARN (Japan Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News) summarizes key developments in Asia and the EU:

Japan – Eco Cute water heaters in the spotlight

After celebrating a total of 1 million CO2 hot water heat pumps sold by September 2007, Japanese companies and public authorities are reinforcing the development and promotion of the energy-efficient “Eco Cute” models. Leading manufacturers, including Daikin, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric (Melco) and Sanyo, have developed heat pump models to work at outside temperatures of -20°C, as well as expanded its use to floor heating and bathroom drying. In the past five years, the Coefficient of Performance (COP) of hot water heat pumps has increased from 3.5 to 4.9 due to new compression technologies and control mechanisms.

To achieve a total of 5.2 million Eco-Cute units by 2010, the Japanese government is providing subsidies for residential and commercial systems, ranging from ¥45,000 (~ €280) to ¥260,000 (~ €1,622). Meanwhile, leading universities, such as the Tokyo University, have strengthened their research into the enhancement of CO2 hot water heaters and necessary policy actions to promote their wide-spread use.

China – Energy shortage stimulates heat pump market

The Chinese Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Construction have started to encourage the application of heat pump systems, providing special funds for buildings which use renewable energies, such as ground heat or water, for cooling and heating water. However, the heat pump water heater market is still at an early stage.

Europe – Heat pump technology on the rise

According to estimations by the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), sales of heat pumps increased by 52% on average in 2006 compared to the previous year. The strongest market increase was registered in France, Germany and Finland, with Sweden leading on heating-only heat pumps. The 2007 study also concluded that the application and spread of heat pumps differ significantly across the EU depending on national environmental legislation in place and financial incentives provided by governments.

Japanese manufacturers have already started to seize rising market opportunities for heat pumps in the EU. As CO2 heat pump water heaters are considered to be one of the most promising products for export, leading manufacturers, such as Melco, have started to sell their outdoor heat pump units to European partners combining them with local tanks.


By R744.com team (@r744)

Jan 03, 2008, 00:00

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