Increase in natural refrigerant product offering at ARBS 2014

By Janaina Topley Lira, May 28, 2014, 17:47 3 minute reading

ARBS 2014, Australia’s Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services exhibition, organised from 20-22 May, featured a number of natural refrigerant systems and component suppliers. member Kirkland Kaldor-Bull was on site to find out about the very latest trends Down Under, and reports an increase in the number of natural refrigerant products on show.

Sustainability and energy efficiency were key themes for ARBS 2014, which featured a number of leading natural refrigerant technology suppliers as well as keynote addresses by Sustainability Group General Manager at Mirvac, Paul Edwards, and Victoria’s Minister for Planning, the Hon. Matthew Guy. gold partners exhibiting
CAREL was a hotspot of activity this year. Their range of CO2 rack controllers and high pressure electronic valves were on display and attracting the interest of the big retailers. CAREL’s controls were featured at the Bitzer stand on a newly developed transcritical CO2 rack.
Mayekawa arrived in Australia in 1978 and have had CO2 heat pumps on offer since 2010. They were pleased to announce their first Australian all natural refrigerant system installed in a meat packing distribution centre in Victoria. The system will consist of several Mayekawa products, including three units of their flagship product NewTon R-3000. These units use ammonia as the primary refrigerant, and CO2 as a secondary fluid for the automatic rack storage freezer room. There will be one unit of NewTon B, ammonia with brine, and a CO2 heat pump desiccant dehumidifier for the receiving and dispatch room. The complete environmentally friendly package also features a horizontal air curtain "Thermoshutter" for doors.
Mayekawa has also entered the market with the sale of four Unimo air sourced CO2 heat pumps, on display at this years ARBS expo. Senior consultant, Mike Ono, said “I found much more energy-saving equipment than at last years expo. People are slowly understanding the advantages of heat pumps and heat pump technology, especially the younger generation. I also notice the promotion of R32 is very quiet this year.”
GEA Refrigeration Australia is a market leader in the supply of industrial refrigeration capital equipment and components operating with ammonia in Australia and New Zealand. After recently acquiring compressor manufacture Bock, they are now promoting their commercial offerings in CO2 systems to complement their already strong position in the industrial refrigeration market thanks to their ammonia technologies. On display at this year’s ARBS exhibition, GEA exhibited a subcritical CO2 cascade compressor rack rated at 59.7kW at -30 SST / -2 SCT complete with an R134 emergency back up system. To complement the CO2 compressor rack, GEA also exhibited GEA Kuba CO2 evaporators. Greg Clements, Sales Manager – GEA Refrigeration Australia Pty. Ltd, commented that GEA has received a lot of enquiry into their CO2 systems. Greg sees a buoyant market with a lot of room for growth. silver partners and other companies exhibiting
Bitzer was the first company to enter the Australian CO2 market over 10 years ago. Since then Bitzer reports having built over 500 subcritical CO2 racks for all the largest supermarket chains in Australia. They supply a diverse range of configurations including direct expansion, liquid recirculation and flooded evaporator. This year Bitzer had on display their latest offering of a two stage CO2 transcritical booster system. This rack employs parallel compression, which increases the seasonal energy efficiency when compared to a standard flash gas bypass system. The rack on display is destined for Bitzer’s training facility in Sydney. Bitzer also promoted their new “Cobalt units” which are small configurable subcritical CO2 racks starting at 3.62 KW and ranging up to 55kW. 
Recom Engineering promoted their latest propane split system for the domestic market. They call the unit Fujin Greencool, and have begun selling into the market in Western Australia. 
Natural Refrigerant specialist Kevin Lee inducted into “ARBS Hall of Fame”
With a career spanning almost four decades, Kevin Lee was inducted into the “ARBS Hall of Fame”. Having played key roles in the development of HVAC&R standards and regulations in Australia, Lee has acted as Chairman for a variety of committees responsible for the development of the CO2, hydrocarbons and ammonia training courses for TAFE, the AIRAH Flammable Refrigerants Safety Guide and connecting AREMA with international industry colleagues through membership of ICARHMA.

For more information on the event contact member Kirkland Kaldor-Bull


By Janaina Topley Lira

May 28, 2014, 17:47

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