OBRIST - Innovation for automotive CO2 technology

By R744.com team, Mar 15, 2007, 06:00 1 minute reading

OBRIST Engineering GmbH focuses primarily on the promotion of R744 technology for the automotive sector. Its services include the conception and development of CO2 components and systems, as well as innovative solutions for refrigeration and heat pump technology.

As a specialist on R744 technology for Mobile Air Conditioning systems, the Austrian company OBRIST Engineering delivers cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions that satisfy the high demands of the automobile industry.

--image1--Its services range from the calculation of system performance coefficients, and the execution of necessary safety tests, to the control and tuning of complete R744 systems in cooperation with an external engineering office specialized in measurement instrumentation and cybernetics.

OBRIST's facilities in the field of CO2 Mobile Air Conditioning include:

  • 3D design with the Pro-Engineer software throughout the entire development process
  • Fully automated R744 compressor test rig (both for internal testing and for sale): static and dynamic measurements, standardized analysis, continuous running tests, cycle tests, evaluation with real gas values
  • R744 oil & bearing test rig adaptable to customer requirements: development tool for the analysis of real oil viscosity under CO2 atmosphere based on the measured lifetime reduction of the bearings

"We see CO2 as the refrigerant of the future in the automotive sector. Our innovative services will further contribute to advancing the use of cost-effective technology based on this working fluid," says Frank Wolf, OBRIST's Vice-President.

"Sharing our expertise on www.r744.com is the best way to demonstrate that R744 technology is ready as a global solution for the automotive sector," he concludes.


OBRIST Engineering GmbH was founded in 1996. During the last decade the company has increased its business volume significantly and expanded its activities to different segments. Over this time, OBRIST has shown high flexibility and prompt delivery of solutions to complex projects. The success of OBRIST Engineering was rewarded in 2000, when it received the Province of Vorarlberg's Innovation Prize.


By R744.com team (@r744)

Mar 15, 2007, 06:00

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