R744.com case studies featured in new EIA report on natural refrigerant technologies

By Sofia Tasiou, Jul 31, 2014, 17:27 2 minute reading

The latest report on HFC-free technology by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) compiles over 100 case studies of commercially available and proven natural refrigerant solutions in a number of refrigeration and AC sectors. R744.com, the specialised industry platform published by shecco, was a key source of information for the report, aimed at informing end-users, policy makers and the wider public on commercially available natural refrigerant technologies.

In July 2014, the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) published a report titled “Putting the freeze on HFCs: a global digest of available climate-friendly refrigeration and air-conditioning technologies”. The report presents a collection of case studies of commercially available natural refrigerant technologies that satisfy energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and safety criteria for the following HVAC&R sectors:
  • Domestic refrigeration
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Transport refrigeration
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Domestic, commercial and industrial air-conditioning & heat pumps 
  • Mobile air-conditioning
  • Not-in-kind systems 
“As the world looks to find energy efficient equipment to reduce energy demand, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the associated damage to human health and the environment from energy production, converting to HFC-free refrigeration and air-conditioning holds huge and immediate promise,” highlights the report.
The report in a nutshell
Through its case studies the report illustrates that economically sound, energy efficient and safe natural refrigerant technologies “are available for nearly every type of refrigeration and air-conditioning need and should be utilized industry wide”.
It also illustrates that “such technologies are not limited to specific climatic areas and are being proven and commercialised in both developed and developing countries” whilst highlighting that ”in addition to reducing direct GHG emissions, this digest shows that using HFC-free alternatives offers the co-benefit of reducing energy consumption, including in high ambient temperatures.”
R744.com and shecco publications recognised as leading sources of information on natural refrigerants
The report acknowledges that shecco, the publisher behind R744.com, is a key source of information. The compiled case studies give visibility to R744.com partners and to the fact that their innovative HFC-free solutions are readily available.
Within the report, the following case studies come from R744.com:
About the EIA
The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) is an independent, international campaigning organisation that aims to investigate and expose any kind of action deemed an environmental crime or abuse. The EIA conducts its activities via its two offices based in Washington, DC, USA and London, UK respectively.


By Sofia Tasiou

Jul 31, 2014, 17:27

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