SAE Symposium changes dates

By team, Feb 14, 2007, 00:00 1 minute reading

The Alternate Refrigerant Systems Symposium in Arizona will be held one month later than previously announced, to accommodate updates to the technical information exchange at this event.

The dates have shifted from 19-21 June to 17-19 July, 2007. However, the venue and the agenda will remain the same. The annual symposium of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) will this time focus on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC). Against the backdrop of a EU phase-out of HFC-134a by 2011, SAE formed a Cooperative Research for refrigerants having a Global Warming Potential of less than 150. German and Japanese carmakers have joined the project to explore the possibility of using one global refrigerant rather than multiple working fluids. The symposium will be a focal point for the direction of the industry.

--image1--Industry leaders worldwide will discuss the following subjects regarding alternative refrigerant systems, including CO2:

  • Component design: heat exchangers, hoses, seals, lubricants
  • System performance: efficiency, reliability, durability, passenger comfort, life cycle climate performance (LCCP)
  • Commercialization: cost effectiveness, consumer acceptance, fuel economy
  • System servicing: service equipment, maintenance procedures, system charging
  • Safety: risk analysis, leak detection
In addition, SAE will present new standards covering system design, equipment, and technician service procedures for MAC. At the "Ride 'n Drive", attendees can experience new cooling systems during test rides of production and experimental vehicles. Follow-up will keep you informed on further developments regarding this key event and its outcomes.


By team (@r744)

Feb 14, 2007, 00:00

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