Read the ATMOsphere Asia 2015 Summary Report to find out about the latest Japanese natural refrigerant trends

By Janaina Topley Lira, Mar 06, 2015, 12:40 3 minute reading

ATMOsphere Asia 2015 – “Natural Refrigerants – Solutions for Asia” returned to Tokyo for the second time from 3-5 February. The event's Summary Report provides comprehensive coverage of the latest natural refriegrant trends in Japan and beyond, and summarises the key findings from the conference. It answers questions about the latest CO2 technology for convenince stores (CVS) and warm ambient climates, about the future market for hydrocarbons in Japan, looks at

Published by market development company shecco, the ATMOsphere Asia 2015 Summary Report contains insights into market trends and regulatory issues in Asia for all five natural refrigerants; CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons, water and air. With the governement of Japan helping to promote low-GWP technology at home through a revised F-gas law, as well as providing support for developing countries to invest in natural rerigerants, a favourable business and policy climate has been created for the widespread adotion of natural working fluids in the region. 

Natural refrigerants are no longer emerging; they’re here to stay. There is a strong sense 2015 will provide the industry with its watershed moment - shecco Japan and ATMOsphere will be back in 2016 to share the progress we’ve made once again," says Marc Chasserot in the Report's Introduction.

A resource aimed at the global HVAC&R community, the report is a useful learning tool for anyone interested in the latest natural refrigerant technologies.

Highlights of the ATMOsphere Asia 2015 International Workshop Summary Report:
  • Policy developments: the legislative landscape in Japan continues to change with the government set to enforce a revised F-gas law in April, an environmental labelling scheme to promote natural refrigerant alternatives, and increased budgetary measures in the form of grants.
  • Market trends: striving to become a world leader in CO2 refrigeration, presentations from Mayekawa, Panasonic, and Sanden confirmed Japan’s shift towards CO2 - the world’s preferred low-GWP refrigerant. 
  • CO2 commercial refrigeration innovations: Panasonic and Sanden presented their innovative CO2 refrigeration units, while Carel, Bitzer and Danfoss investigated the benefits of mechanical subcooling, parallel compression and ejectors. 
  • CO2 heat pumps and and peak shift technologies: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries presented its Q-Ton heat pump, which it hopes to distribute in South Korea and beyond in the coming years, while energy saving peak shift technologies were presented by Yamato and The Coca Cola Company.
  • Ammonia refrigeration and heat pumps for industrial applications: Thanks to ammonia’s high efficiency and low cost, industrial facilities are turning to the natural refrigerant in increasing numbers. At ATMOsphere Asia 2015, Mayekawa presented on ammonia heat pumps and their use in meat processing plants in New Zealand, and the Kobeya Baking Company presented on the CO2 /NH3 system installed at its frozen dough production facility.
  • Water and air as refrigerants: Mayekawa and Sea Sky Global outlined the benefits of using air as the working fluid in ultra low temperature storage with the Pascal Air System. Kawasaki Heavy Industries R718 turbo chiller and Denso’s new micro-fin technology, confirmed water’s bright future in the industrial refrigeration sector.

Download the ATMOsphere Asia 2015 Summary Report here:

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By Janaina Topley Lira

Mar 06, 2015, 12:40

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