Piflex® flexible lines exceed VDA test requirements

By R744.com team, Jun 03, 2008, 00:00 2 minute reading

At the SAE Symposium next week, Piflex® will present latest test results. The flexible all-aluminium tube solution for CO2 MAC has met and exceeded all test specifications by the German Association of the Automotive Industry.

After years of development and testing, the all-aluminium tube Piflex® is ready for serial application. Being tested in severe conditions to simulate the predicted lifetime for R744 MAC systems, the flexible line solution thus met and exceeded the most recent test requirements set down by the German Automotive Association (VDA). Tthe Piflex® flexible line solution between the compressor and gas cooler in all- aluminium also reduces energy needed for recycling. Overall, the permeation tight tubes absorb large movements showing high reliability in high-pressure, high-temperature CO2 air conditioning systems.

Test Results

Some of the key results to be fully presented at the SAE Symposium in Arizona are as follows:

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“We are convinced that these excellent test results and latest improvements will make Piflex® a superior flexible line solution in next-generation R744 MAC systems,” says Carsten Post, Application & Development Manager at Piflex P/S.

“Piflex P/S is fully prepared to support our partners, particularly in reliability and cost. We therefore very much appreciate the opportunity to present the details during the SAE Symposium in Arizona, June 10-12th,” adds Henry Petersen, Sales and Marketing Manager.

Main features

Some of the main features of Piflex®:
  • Very narrow bending radius (< 35 mm)
  • Aluminium-to-aluminium joints/connections
  • Absorption of torsional movements > 20°
  • No “noise” issue
  • Burst pressure above > 600 Bar
  • No line “routing” issue
  • Acceptable pressure drop 
  • Possibility to be pre-shaped according to specific requirements
About Piflex®

Piflex P/S is a joint venture between Hydro and Danfoss, two recognized leaders in automotive and non-automotive cooling, heating and ventilation. Danfoss is a world leader in refrigeration, sensors and motion measuring, while Hydro Aluminium is the leading supplier of light-weight products for heat exchangers and line solutions including Hycot® tubes and Permeaflex flexible aluminium tubes.


By R744.com team (@r744)

Jun 03, 2008, 00:00

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