NEXT Series: Parker sees roadblocks for natural refrigerants being removed

By team, Feb 23, 2016, 09:59 2 minute reading

“2016 should be a strong growth year for natural refrigerants,” Clay Rohrer, business unit manager at Parker Hannifin, told in an exclusive interview. The US-based company expects to see an “ever-growing” market for CO2 transcritical systems in supermarkets and promising opportunities to improve their efficiency in warmer climates.

R744: How do you see the market for natural refrigerants developing in your region and globally in 2016?

The market for natural refrigerants is growing; many customers are testing the technology to determine the best fit for their organisations.  This increased interest helps to reduce costs, making the technology more appealing.  Natural refrigerant systems are becoming efficient in warmer climates, which also helps to engage more retailers. We see a significant natural refrigerant volume in Canada as well as in Europe.  I believe many of the roadblocks are being removed, and 2016 should be a strong growth year for natural refrigerants.  
R744: Are there any external market trends developing that will affect the natural refrigerant sector?

Many organisations and governments across the globe are looking more closely at natural refrigerants and at incentives to help to accelerate their growth. For self-contained units, it seems the market is quickly moving towards propane as a refrigerant due to its efficiency.  For supermarkets, we are seeing an ever-growing transcritical CO2 market, and a strong CO2 cascade system market in warmer climates. The industry still needs to improve the efficiency of transcritical systems in warmer climates. We feel that this is a very promising opportunity, and we have to work together with our customers.

R744: Are there any expected developments in the training of technicians and experts working with natural refrigerants?

We have many training programmes for technicians and experts across the US and Canada.  We have tailored training programmes that we complete with each customer and their service technicians to ensure that they have a complete understanding and competency in natural refrigerants.  We also have supermarket seminars to help technicians to keep pace with the latest developments.

R744: Which specific projects or new installations are you excited about for 2016?

Many! We aren't able to share customer details, but a few are rolling out broadly across the US and Canada.

R744: Do you plan to develop your natural refrigerant product and/or technology offering in 2016?

We are always improving our product offering.  We are actively launching more enhanced products in the controls space to help to reduce costs. We are working on launching a modular controller solution optimising ease of use, installation and operation.

R744: Do you see any threats to your natural refrigerant business emerging?

Not at this time, as long as energy consumption and costs of natural refrigerants keep reducing in warm climates.

By team (@r744)

Feb 23, 2016, 09:59

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