Carrier develops CO2 product for data centre cooling

By Christine Noël, Sep 09, 2016, 16:08 1 minute reading

HVAC&R giant Carrier has developed a new CO2 product designed to cool high-density data centres. The ‘Data CO2MPLETE’ optimised rack cooling solution will help increase uptake of natural refrigerants for this application.

Designed specifically for data cooling, Carrier’s Data CO2MPLETE is a hybrid system that combines water with the natural refrigerant CO2 to provide a cooling capacity of 250 kW per system.

The cooling racks are equipped with EC motors with variable speed drives and with precision control. They are installed directly on top of data servers, allowing highly efficient heat rejection.

Heat is absorbed by the cooling systems and discharged via the CO2 circuit and water-cooled condensing units. A separate cold-water circuit cools the condensing units. This configuration keeps the water out of the cooled space itself, which is particularly important in data cooling centres.

Data CO2MPLETE, including its liquid chillers and building management systems, is entirely compatible with all other products from Carrier’s portfolio

“With the new products, we are now in a position to deliver a full package including cooling, regulation technology and service, to cater to the high requirements in data centres,” said Teddy Kunicic, product and system design manager at Carrier.

By Christine Noël

Sep 09, 2016, 16:08

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