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By Andreea-Mădălina Târcă, Mar 14, 2017, 12:08 3 minute reading

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Natural refrigerants played a starring role in Düsseldorf. Watch all the action here!

EuroShop took place in Düsseldorf, Germany from 5-9 March 2017.

Industrial refrigeration professionals gathered in Düsseldorf, Germany to unveil and discuss new technologies for natural refrigerants in retail applications. Watch the highlights below.

Interview with Dorin at EuroShop 2017

Giacomo Pisano of Italian compressor manufacturer Dorin sees CO2 becoming increasingly competitive with ammonia for larger capacity applications.

Interview with Arneg at EuroShop 2017 on its CO2 booster system

The commercial refrigeration manufacturer showcased its larger system with an ejector and parallel compression.

Interview with Arneg at EuroShop on its condensing unit 

The commercial refrigeration manufacturer showcased its large and small CO2 condensing units that work also in warm climates.

Interview with Advansor at EuroShop 2017 

Kim G. Christensen of Advansor talks about the Danish company's new CO2 mini-booster for discount and convenience stores at EuroShop in Düsseldorf.

Interview with SANDEN at EuroShop 2017

At EuroShop 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Sylvain Gillaux of SANDEN Environmental Solutions describes the new ‘SANDEN inside’ strategy for partnering with display case manufacturers to put their CO2 technology inside cabinets.

Interview with Alexander Wirsching, TEKO at EuroShop 2017

At EuroShop 2017, TEKO’s Alexander Wirsching describes the ‘Evalift’ solution for increasing the evaporating temperature in CO2 cooling systems.

Interview with Andreas Meier, TEKO, at EuroShop 2017

At EuroShop 2017, TEKO Managing Director Andreas Meier describes the new ROXSTA concept for cooling, heating and air-conditioning in discount food retail.

Interview with Francesco Mastrapasqua, Epta Group at EuroShop 2017

At EuroShop 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Francesco Mastrapasqua, Epta Group describes the Full Transcritical Efficiency (FTE) solution for improving the efficiency of CO2 refrigeration systems in warmer climates.

Interview with SCM Frigo at EuroShop 2017

Alessandro Franchin, Export Area Manager at SCM Frigo, talks about the company's new smart CO2 condensing unit - the CUBO2 Smart - and its plans to sell 3,000 units of the product next year.

Interview with GEA at EuroShop 2017

Michael Nagler, business development manager for CO2 applications at GEA, explains how the company's CO2 transcritical compressors are being used across the supply chain.

Interview with Emerson at EuroShop 2017

Sylvain Lamy, director of refrigeration marketing at Emerson, talks about the company's 'Farm to Fork' concept at EuroShop 2017.

Profroid talks about its new COO2OLtechEvoTM 

Guillaume Burvingt, director of product management at France-based Profroid, talks about the company's COO2OLtechEvo. This new rack offers substantial energy savings for supermarkets, warehouses and process cooling.

Interview with Nicola Peretti, CAREL on the ‘EmJ’ at EuroShop 2017

In an exclusive interview at EuroShop 2017, CAREL’s Nicola Peretti explains how the extended range of ‘EmJ’ modulating ejectors helps to bring CO2 transcritical systems to all store formats.

Interview with Diego Malimpensa, CAREL at EuroShop 2017

Diego Malimpensa from CAREL introduces at EuroShop 2017 the new HEOS sistema, which offers energy efficiency improvements, direct cabinet temperature control, fast installation, and flexible design.

Interview with CAREL on the 'Hecu sistema' at EuroShop 2017

In an exclusive interview at EuroShop 2017, CAREL’s Nicola Peretti explains how the company's Hecu sistema control solution for high-efficiency CO2 condensing units with DC inverter technology is now also available for low-temperature applications.

By Andreea-Mădălina Târcă

Mar 14, 2017, 12:08

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