Chillventa - A Showcase for CO2 (Part I)

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The leading international trade fair for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, currently taking place in Nuremberg, boasts impressive high numbers of CO2 systems and components on display. keeps you updated on latest products and developments being showcased.

“CO2 is the buzzword this year”, one trade visitor summarized the visible trend for more sustainable solutions in the HVAC&R industry exhibited at the Chillventa until tomorrow. A wide range of leading compressor manufacturers, as well as “newcomers” in the field of R744, are putting components and systems working with the natural refrigerant into the spotlight of their company presentation. Several leading manufacturers confirmed that the number of CO2 products on display has increased significantly compared to previous similar events .

R744 products shown on the 30,000 m2 exhibition floor of Chillventa from 15-17 October range from small control solutions, tubes and valves to heat exchangers, compressors and complete heat pump and light commercial systems (see photo gallery below).

The R744 Products

Alfa Laval: Presenting a whole range of heat exchangers, air coolers, and plate condensers, Alfa Laval is ready to supply the industry with efficient CO2 solutions. Taking centre stage is Its industrial air cooler “Thor”, suitable to cooling and freezing applications in medium to large-sized cooling chambers in the meat production, for agricultural products or packaged goods. The brand new  brazed heat exchangers AC230 and AC500 are also in display, featuring the same outer dimensions as their predecessors, a new plate pattern and an integrated distribution system  that make them 15% more efficient than previous models. Suited for pressures of up to 45bar, they are an optimal choice for CO2 cascade systems. Production will start in January 2009.

Mayekawa MYCOM: As part of the 400 m2 “Industrial Heat Pump Village” at Chllventa, the Japanese supplier of industrial heating and cooling solutions is presenting its new CO2-NH3 freezer. The system, integrating an ammonia compressor, a CO2 receiver and a CO2 condenser, is used in cooling warehouses. Compared to usual systems, the COP has gone up from 1.6 to 2.0. So far, Mayekawa has installed around 20 units of the CO2-NH3 freezer in Japan. For now, the system is produced and sold only on the Japanese domestic market. However, Mayekawa signals high interest in the EU market where it expects to sell the freezer system in 1-2 years from now.

Frascold: The Italian compressor manufacturer has entered the race for CO2 compressors with their two new series for subcritical and transcritical applications. The semi-hermetic products, soon to be featured on, comprise nine models for up to 42 bar ps pressure used at the low stage of cascade systems, and 4 models for pressure of up to 130 bar in CO2-only applications. Frascold started development of R744 Technology two years ago, offering now products that are especially cost-competitive for current users of HFC equipment in need of an easy and fast transition to natural refrigerants. Before starting commercialization six months ago, Frascold invested in the world’s largest calorimeter for its transcritical compressor range. Its R744 products can be used in refrigeration applications but also in hot water and space heating heat pumps. Besides to current markets in Austria and Denmark, Frascold is now ready to supply its transcritical compressor to Australia.

Bock: The German manufacturer’s booth is dominated by compressor models for CO2 applications. Bock is showcasing its whole range of semi-hermetic radial piston compressors for transcritical and subcritical applications, among them the RKX, the HGX, and the HAX series. New Electronic Frequency Control systems (EFC) are also on display, reducing power consumption up to 25%.

Embraco: The Italian maker of compressors and complete system solutions for light commercial applications is presenting its EK compressor for CO2. The small sized product is used in bottle coolers, chest freezers, and ice cream freezers. Moreover, the EK model can also be used in heat pumps for sanitary hot water and heat recovery, as well as dryers. After a slow market uptake following the start of serial production this year, Embraco now sees potential growth for CO2 for certain applications. The market leader for hermetic compressors for refrigeration is demonstrating the successful operation of its complete R744 cassette solution in a bottle cooler live running at its booth. Embraco confirms that so far interest in its CO2 compressor, soon to be presented on, has been very high at Chillventa.

Bitzer: Several R744 models on display demonstrate that Bitzer is ready to supply compressors for the whole range of subcritical and transcritical applications. Besides four R744 models for stationary refrigeration systems and a CO2 receiver presented at Chillventa, Bitzer also offers solutions for mobile air conditioning in buses, trucks and trains, as well as for transport refrigeration. The manufacturer confirms that interest in its R744 models has still slightly increased at this year’s trade fair, from an already high level over the last years. Bitzer has noticed a change in the reception of CO2 technology by expert visitors who now approach the manufacturer with more specific requests and technical knowledge, showing an increased interest and know-how in R744.

Dorin: The widest range of CO2 compressors available on the market is on display at Chillventa. Dorin has dedicated a part of its booth to the R744 model ranges, with a special emphasis on the TCS-200 model for transcritical operation in commercial refrigeration, refrigerated transport, sanitary hot water heat pumps and chillers.

Hydro / Piflex: The global aluminium supplier is showcasing a wide range of tubing solutions for CO2 Mobile Air Conditioning and stationary systems. On display: an R744 internal heat exchanger for MAC, a Multi Port Extrusion (MPE) for automotive CO2 gas coolers and evaporators, and its “Permaflex” solution for stationary applications. Compared to copper, Hydro’s aluminium solutions can be up to 60% more cost efficient. A special feature of all products is their flexibility in terms of design and application. Hydro confirms that it is currently in cooperation with “a range of leading system manufacturers” to test and integrate its CO2 solutions in Mobile Air Conditioning systems.

About Chillventa

The international trade fair for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps is held for the first time. Running from 15-17 October, the event accommodates more than 800 exhibitors from 43 countries. The next event will be held mid-October 2010.



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Oct 17, 2008, 11:49

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