ATMO China 2018 presents third round of case studies

By Devin Yoshimoto, Mar 01, 2018, 04:36 3 minute reading

updated at: Mar 05, 2018, 09:15

The ATMOsphere Review Panel has selected the third round of case studies, from Dorin, Embraco, EPTA, and Frascold, to be presented at ATMOsphere China 2018.

The ATMOsphere Review Panel has chosen the third round of technology case studies to be presented at the ATMOsphere China 2018 conference: from Dorin, Embraco, EPTA, and Frascold.

ATMOsphere China, the first Chinese edition of shecco’s global conference series ATMOsphere, will be held in the capital Beijing on 11-12 April 2018.

The presentations are:

Dorin | Transcritical CO2 in Chinese industrial applications by Giacomo Pisano

This presentation will showcase the technical challenges faced by Dorin in the design of industrially sized compressors using CO2 as a refrigerant. Examples of successful implementation in industrial systems will be detailed, such as cold storage warehouses in China and ice-rink applications in relation to the forthcoming Winter Olympic Games in Beijing in 2022.

embraco | Variable speed R290 compressors in Chinese light commercial refrigeration by Andre Paz Rosa

This case study will highlight two new applications of embraco's variable speed R290 compressors in China. The first is in a Haier ice-cream freezer which is widely used in the Chinese market. The second details the compressor's use in vending machine and ice coffee machine in China. The case study will detail the compressor's ability to reach a high cooling capacity while also balancing efficiency in several applications.

EPTA | Warm climate efficiency improvements for transcritical CO2 systems by John Austin-Davies

This case study will detail the results of trials conducted on EPTA's Full Transcritical Efficiency (FTE) concept. EPTA's FTE concept has been developed as an innovative solution for the operation of transcritical CO2 systems in warm climates. The case study will detail its comparison to alternative systems in a working supermarket. Additionally, a simulated analysis of the system if installed in a warm southern China area will be included.

Frascold | Comparison and analysis of two CO2 transcritical booster systems by Livio Calabrese

This presentation will analyse and compare the performance of two different solutions during CO2 transcritical operation based on a one-year analysis.

This analysis includes transcritical booster systems with and without parallel compression system, as well as with and without heat recovery for sanitary hot water production and space heating. It is based on a sample of temperature ranges in Milan, Italy and will be compared to temperature conditions in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, showing COP results of up to 3.75.

Announced previously, were the second round of case studies to be presented at ATMOsphere China 2018 from Castel, Huayi Compressor Barcelona, and LU-VE Group.

Second round of case studies:

Castel | Research and development of heat pump systems using CO2 by Steve Chen

This presentation will show the latest technologies on improving the efficiency of CO2 heat pump systems to be used for the heating sector (i.e. water heating and space heating) in Northern China. The research presented was conducted in partnership with Xi’an Jiaotong and Shanghai Jiaotong Universities.

Huayi Compressor Barcelona | New compressor series for light commercial refrigeration lowering energy consumption by Vicente Guilabert

This presentation will share R290 solution for light commercial plug-in freezers, with up to 5% energy savings with the new compressor series of the company, the NUS range. The company has developed and launched the new and highly efficient product range for R290 LMBP not only in Europe but worldwide, including China, which is an important market increasingly focusing on the environment and energy efficient solutions. They will share the real life test results from an existing freezer low back pressure (LBP) where the whole system energy saves energy with the new NUS range R290 low medium back pressure as compared to the previous existing NUT range R290 LBP.

LU-VE Group | Highly efficient air cooled heat exchangers for CO2 applications by Stefani Filippini, Umberto Merlo and Livio Perrotta

This presentation will showcase that an appropriate choice of heat exchanger technology is a fundamental condition for obtaining COP values form CO2 cycles and the different solutions of heat exchanger technologies. Data from existing installations in the region will be provided to show that reductions of the airflow and coil front area can be achieved as well as lower fan consumption, smaller size and some production cost savings, even with the increased use of copper.

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By Devin Yoshimoto

Mar 01, 2018, 04:36

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