Castel sees U.S. CO2 market still behind Europe

By Charlotte McLaughlin, Mar 01, 2018, 10:11 1 minute reading

The component supplier brought components to AHR Expo, finding more uptake from Canadians

A Castel valve at the company's AHR booth.

For Italian component maker Castel, the difference between the North America market for CO2 refrigeration technology and the European market remains considerable.

Most of the commercial refrigeration being built in Europe is now with CO2, said Alessandro Farina, R&D application manager at Castel, at the AHR Expo in Chicago in January. “There is a growing number of [companies] selling CO2. CO2 products have a strong growth rate every year.”

But the company’s sales so far in the U.S. market have been slow.
There is a growing number of [companies] selling CO2. CO2 products have a strong growth rate every year.”
–  Alessandro Farina, Castel

“Customers in Canada are buying faster than in the U.S.,” he said, though customers who came to the component supplier’s booth were interested in understanding CO2 further.

At the AHR Expo, Castel showed a full range of its CO2 transcritical products like ball valves, expansion valves, coils, connectors and check valves.

Farina noted that warmer European countries, such as Italy, that have not installed as many CO2 systems as countries in Northern Europe, will soon do so in a big way.

“In Italy it has become more expensive to make old [HFC based systems] than CO2 ones,” he said. “The Southern European market is growing very fast.”

By Charlotte McLaughlin

Mar 01, 2018, 10:11

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