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By Charlotte McLaughlin, Mar 29, 2018, 10:05 2 minute reading

Commercial Refrigeration Services is a provider of CO2 based refrigeration and heat pumps in Africa.

Commercial Refrigeration Services (CRS), a provider of CO2 based refrigeration and heat pumps in Africa, has become a gold partner on

The company has been key to driving uptake of this technology in South Africa. “South Africa now has more than 100 stores operating with transcritical CO2”, Wynand Groenewal, technical director at CRS, said.  

One recent example of the company's success is a CO2 TC system in a 17,000 m2 Makro store in Johannesburg. The installation utilities heat recovery, from the CO2 refrigeration system, to heat the store and produce hot water. 

To make sure its energy efficient and can cope with the warm climate of South Africa parallel compression is also used by CRS in the installation.

Most of the company's CO2 installations have taken place in the commercial sector. “Also CRS has several Industrial applications lined up for CO2 this year, so my hopes for South Africa are that we will stay a large global player in the natural refrigerant sector”, he explained.

“We are working on the largest CO2 installation in Africa”, he adds. The company will install an industrial CO2 project with a cooling capacity of 3MW this year. 

The company is working on two further industrial projects according to Groenewal.

One of which will be in California and they are also working on a commercial refrigeration project in Australia.

We are working on the largest CO2 installation in Africa.
Wynand Groenewal, CRS

The South African company has a full range of products from CO2 heat pumps to condensing units, with DC inverter scroll compressors, to CO2 racks systems. “We do however focus more on being solution driven to give our clients [a personalised system] that fits all their heating and cooling”, he notes.

The company has had very good energy savings with CO2 and is strongly committed to this technology. “Our best saving so far, that was proven by a third party, came to a 45% increase in energy saving compared to a conventional freon system using VSD’s and electronic expansion valves”, he explains.

To further increase the prevalence of natural refrigerant technology in South Africa CRS will host an ATMOsphere networking event with the publisher of this website, shecco, on 7 June, during the Frigair expo at the Gallagher convention centre in Johannesburg.

By Charlotte McLaughlin

Mar 29, 2018, 10:05

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