CO2 ejector wins innovation award at China Ref

The EmJ from CAREL and Carrier was among the winners of the Innovation Product Award in the Refrigeration Component category.

CAREL's modulating ejectors

The EmJ modulating ejector, developed by CAREL, has won an Innovation Product Award in the Refrigeration Component category at China Refrigeration 2018, held in Beijing, China last week.

Ejectors enable transcritical systems to run efficiently in warm climates.

The EmJ made its debut in 2016 in partnership with Carrier at the ATMOsphere Europe conference hosted by shecco (publisher of this website). The ejector is being piloted in transcritical systems installed in 15 supermarkets in Europe.

One feature of this ejector is continuous modulation that, through control algorithms, helps the refrigeration system to adapt to the variations in operating conditions that are typical of refrigeration systems, according to CAREL.

“From the United States to China, CAREL is recognised as an innovator,” said Diego Malimpensa, the firm’s Business Unit Manager – Retail. “Innovation through cutting-edge technologies that bring efficiency, energy saving but also simplification, as intrinsically complex optimisation solutions become easy to use and therefore widely available.”

The Emj is a line of ejectors that come in different sizes depending on the CO2 system and the store they are working in.

CAREL will begin selling it in North America and Europe in June.

By Charlotte McLaughlin

Apr 18, 2018, 12:49

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