The NatRefs Show: Epsiode 51!

Episode 51 covers Star Refrigeration's introduction of CO2 transcritical for industrial applications, and recent developments in the US (Lidl's use of hydrocarbons) and Australia (reporting from ATMOsphere Australia and ARBS 2018 in Sydney).

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This episode covers traditional ammonia industrial refrigeration player Star Refrigeration and its introduction of CO2 transcritical packages for industrial systems.

shecco's North American Editor Michael Garry explains how public information points to Lidl installing hydrcarbon cabinets in North America.

European Editor Andrew Williams and Asia Pacific Reporter Devin Yoshimoto take a look at the recent ATMOsphere Australia conference and the ARBS 2018 tradeshow in Sydney, Australia.

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By Andrew Williams

May 15, 2018, 10:35

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