Coming soon: FUCHS refrigeration oil for CO2 MAC

By team, Nov 26, 2008, 10:23 1 minute reading

FUCHS, the world leading independent supplier of lubricants, has developed a refrigeration oil for CO2 vehicle air conditioning. The product, soon to be presented on, features enhanced anti-wear properties and an outstanding thermal stability.

Building on more than 50 years experience in developing and manufacturing refrigeration oils, FUCHS has developed a fully synthetic lubricant for CO2 mobile air conditioning systems. RENISO ACC 46 combines a specially modified double-end capped PAG (polyalkylene glycol) base fluid with a unique additive system to improve the ageing stability and anti-wear properties of the lubricant. It guarantees thermal stability in both dry and humid condition, and a good miscibility with the refrigerant CO2 (R744).

FUCHS’ refrigeration oil was developed in close cooperation with compressor manufacturers, air conditioning system specialists and the German automotive industry to fulfil the high requirements in CO2 MAC applications. Its reliability has been proven in extensive car field test series. Own testing facilities at FUCHS, including roller bearing tests under 50 bar CO2 pressure atmosphere at 140°C oil temperature, have allowed for a dedicated and intensive development work.


“FUCHS’ intention to join as a partner is reinforced by the fact that this easy-to-use internet platform is a leading source of news and information about CO2-related topics. Presenting our products here is a suitable way to show our active involvement in CO2 technology,” says Christian Puhl, Product Manager for industrial oils at FUCHS.


FUCHS EUROPE SCHMIERSTOFFE GMBH, founded in 1931 as a family firm in Mannheim, Germany, is a group member of the globally operating FUCHS PETROLUB AG, and the world's leading independent supplier of lubricants and specialities. The company offers lubricants for a huge variety of applications, including automotive lubricants, metalworking fluids, corrosion preventives, greases and industrial oils.


By team (@r744)

Nov 26, 2008, 10:23

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