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By Anti Gkizelis, Jun 27, 2018, 15:34 1 minute reading

Modine, a leading manufacturer of heat transfer products for a wide variety of markets, is now a Silver Partner on

Modine, a company that designs, manufactures and tests heat transfer products for a wide variety of applications and markets, is now a Silver Partner on

Headquartered in at Racine, Wisconsin, their products and brands can be found across the globe. Modine employs approximately 1,000 skilled engineers with a thorough background in heat transfer challenges.

In early 2017, following its acquisition of Luvata HTS – a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial coils, coolers, coating services and related products for the HVAC&R market – Modine introduced the division’s new name and branding, Modine Commercial Industrial Solutions (CIS).

The CIS product portfolio features: CO2 gas coolers, CO2 unit coolers, dry coolers, heat exchangers, industrial heat exchangers and ammonia unit coolers.

The CO2 solutions for commercial and industrial HVAC&R provided by Modine Commercial Industrial Solutions can be broken down into four major areas:

  • INDOOR CLIMATE SOLUTIONS: Indoor comfort for people and equipment, in both private and public environments.
  • MOBILE CLIMATE SOLUTIONS: Comfort for people in private, commercial and industrial vehicles.
  • FOOD STORAGE AND TRANSPORT-REFRIGERATION SOLUTIONS: Keeping food at the right temperature from preparation, to transportation, to storage and supermarket shelving.
  • INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES SOLUTIONS: Cooling and heating for specialised industrial applications in both the process and power sectors.

By Anti Gkizelis

Jun 27, 2018, 15:34

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