ChinaShop 2018: Haier Carrier exhibits CO2 condensing unit

Haier Carrier said that it is determined to promote CO2 across Asia. The company exhibited its CO2 outdoor condensing unit at the recent ChinaShop 2018 exhibition in Kunming, China.

Haier Carrier's QuietCO2OL CO2 condensing unit on display at ChinaShop 2018.

Signaling the growing interest in CO2 systems in China, Haier Carrier exhibited its QuietCO2OL CO2 condensing unit at the recent ChinaShop 2018 exhibition, held on 1-3 November in Kunming, China.

"For the CO2 outdoor condensing unit, several customers, including a few convenience store customers, have already shown interest in conducting some trials," said Jefferson Li, marketing director for Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Asia.

"We are prepared to support these trials and the wider commercial success of CO2 systems to demonstrate the investment value," said Li.

Li explained that exhibiting the CO2 condensing unit was a part of a larger plan for the company to lay the groundwork for further uptake of CO2 systems in Asia.

In addition to the QuietCO2OL CO2 condensing unit, Haier Carrier also offers its CO2OLtec Evo transcritical CO2 system to the Chinese market, which features "adjustable modulating ejector technology".

For the CO2 outdoor condensing unit, several customers [...] have already shown interest in conducting some trials." 
– Jefferson Li, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Asia

Li added that training is also a very important part of the company's plans.

"We are committed to the success of CO2, and in fact have sent 15 employees from the product, design, application, and service teams to the Carrier CO2OL academy training centre in Mainz, Germany, for three weeks of intensive training on CO2," he said.

"Our team is ready to satisfy customer demand for CO2 equipment, including design, application, installation, commissioning and service to provide 'total solution life cycle care'."

Haier Carrier is a joint venture established by Haier Group and Carrier (a division of U.S.-based UTC Climate, Controls & Security) in 2001.

By Devin Yoshimoto

Nov 15, 2018, 09:35

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