METRO China confirms next two transcritical CO2 stores

METRO China has confirmed details for the installation and commissioning of its next two transcritical CO2 stores, in Chongqing and Beijing, in 2019.

METRO China has confirmed the installation and commissioning of its next two transcritical CO2 stores to be carried out in 2019.

"One system will be installed in Chongqing and the other system will be installed in Beijing," said Alan Lin, Head of Facility Management for METRO China by email.

Store name: METRO Chongqing Nanan 

No. 101 Baihe Road
Economic & Technological Development Zone
Chongqing, China 400060

Store name: METRO Beijing Shilihe

No. 35 Da Yangfang Road
Chaoyang District
Beijing, China 10023

Lin also confirmed the technology that will be used in these two stores.

"The system to be installed in Chongqing will adopt ejector technology and the system to be installed in Beijing will adopt parallel compression technology," he said.

Additional details to be confirmed as they become available.

METRO China leading adoption of CO2 in China

METRO China is taking a leading role in the Chinese market for adoption of advanced CO2 technology for commercial refrigeration.

The retailer opened its first transcritical CO2 store in Beijing, China on 17 January 2018. The wholesale store was the first in China to be fitted with a transcritical CO2 system (for the full story, see the cover story of Accelerate China Issue #1).

METRO China's installation of CO2 systems is playing a key role in the company's global initiative to phase-out f-gases in its stores worldwide.

METRO AG’s F-Gas Exit program, established in 2013, aims to phase-out f-gases, replacing them with natural refrigerant systems in METRO stores worldwide by 95% by 2030.

Currently, the company is installing CO2 systems globally at a rate of thirty per year, including the recent opening of its second CO2 transcritical store in Russia in August.

By Devin Yoshimoto

Nov 22, 2018, 11:30

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