Danfoss extends Flexline valve range

Danfoss has increased the pressure to 65 bar for its valves used in industrial refrigeration.

Leading Denmark-based multinational OEM Danfoss has decided to extend its range of SVL Flexline valves to reach 65 bar.

“It's an extended range,” Jakob Lundholm, product manager, IRF manual valves, RAC-IRFA, Danfoss, told this website. “We have [decided to manufacturer it] because we are covering the whole, the global market.”

The high-pressure SVL 65 bar Flexline is used in ammonia and CO2-based industrial refrigeration and heat pump systems.

In industrial systems, CO2 is normally used in subcritical mode alongside ammonia, can allow for smaller stand-still units or got rid of as the high pressure facilitates a saturation temperature rises from 16°C to 25.5°C.

“I think the industry has been able to design CO2 systems for many years. But at a lower pressure, the higher pressure is something [else]. You know, we sold the [first increased pressure valve] from 28 to [40, and 40 to 50, and now we are at 65 bar], which is kind of the limit for subcritical pressure,” Lundholm told this website at Chillventa 2018, Nuremberg, Germany.

When the valves are used for ammonia heat pumps, the pressure increase to 65 bar allows the saturation to rise from 90°C to 102°C, meaning this higher supply temperature allows the hot water to be used in a broader application range.

Danfoss is also looking into extending other products. “We need not only manual valves, like the Flexline here, but also the extended range. So this is only the beginning. You could say that [is] Danfoss extending the range of [over] 65 products,” Lundholm adds.

By Charlotte McLaughlin

Dec 06, 2018, 15:22

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