Eco Cute heat pumps - an R744 success story

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Since their commercial release in 2001, the market for CO2 heat pump water heaters has grown in Japan, with a 60% increase last year alone. With other parts of the world becoming interested in sustainable heating, will soon expand its services to cover also CO2 heat pumps.

Japanese ECO CUTE models showed a 60% sales increase in fiscal year 2006 compared to the previous year, according to latest statistics from the Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association (JRAIA). Since their release six years ago, the market share of CO2-based heat pumps have continued to expand steadily with shipments totaling 323,000 units in 2006. This figure is expected to grow with manufacturers launching new models and more consumers deciding for Eco Cute at home.

Eco Cute – The sustainable option for water heating

First introduced by the global manufacturer Denso in 2001, ECO CUTE models are currently the most energy-efficient, economical and environmentally friendly solution for tap water and floor heating. Being widely commercialized in Japan, the CO2-based heating systems are used for bathroom, water and floor heating in Japanese homes, laundry drying and ventilation. It is estimated that ECO CUTE can save more than 30% of energy used and 65% of all CO2 emissions compared to conventional water heaters. A total of 100 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents per year could be saved alone in Japan, if all existing water heating equipment would be replaced with CO2 Technology.

In 2007/08, leading manufacturers will introduce new ECO CUTE models for use in cold regions with outside temperatures of -25°C, as well as in middle- and large-scale facilities, such as hotels and public baths.

Heat pumps discussed on a global scale

Given rising environmental concerns and looming restrictions on energy use in residential and commercial heating and air conditioning, energy-efficient heat pump technology is taking centre stage in discussions around the globe. An international symposium in September and the 9th International Energy Agency (IEA) conference next May will focus on new heat pump technologies as a key tool to achieve environmental targets. So far, ECO CUTE has not been commercialized outside Asia. This, however, may change in the near future with more manufacturers investigating the introduction of CO2 models on other markets. moves to heat pumps

In the upcoming months, will expand its services to become also the reference source for sustainable heat pump technology. Hence, CO2 heat pumps will be the next application of CO2 Technology covered by the website after the successful launch of sections for Mobile Air Conditioning and Commercial Refrigeration.


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Jul 06, 2007, 00:00

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