World’s first CO2 Business Directory live!

By team, Mar 23, 2009, 15:32 3 minute reading has launched the first global directory listing companies and organisations active in the field of CO2 Technology. An interactive Google world map shows where R744 pioneers around the world are offering their expertise.

As part of its restructured “Companies” section, is further strengthening the business-to-business side of its interactive exchange platform to help OEMs, suppliers, and end-consumers find the right development and contracting partner in different parts of the world. Following a tremendous number of requests via emails and myR744 for more information about who is providing which products and services in which world region, decided to expand its current Partner section to also offer other players actively looking into CO2 the opportunity to become visible on the only dedicated platform for R744. 

Besides already well-established CO2 industry experts, R744 newcomers and companies actively pursuing the natural refrigerant’s future use in different heating and cooling applications will hence get the visibility they need to find commercialisation and project partners, raise awareness for their upcoming product ranges and services, and demonstrate their commitment to CO2.

“We all know the concept of the Yellow Pages. With this directory, we created an interactive Yellow Pages for CO2 Technology worldwide, providing necessary contact details for all companies working with R744. More than that, after thoroughly scanning the market we saw that some companies are not yet there but they still want to be visible on This directory is for all those wanting to actively drive the market for CO2 around the world,” says Marc Chasserot, Managing Director, Shecco.

The R744 Directory

The only classified CO2 directory incorporates the following elements to ensure a fast and user-friendly search:

Google world map: The interactive global map shows where R744 Technology companies listed on the directory are located. Stars highlighting the Partners, and flags indicating the location of all other companies will make sure that, after zooming in on the map, you can always trace the location of the business of interest. Clicking on the icons will display an informative box with all necessary details to get in touch with the organisation in question.

Directory listing: The initial directory home page is listing companies in the order of them joining the directory, with the most recent ones on top. Besides the company logo and name, the physical address and telephone number, all directory entries will comprise a short description of main activities and a link to the corporate website. For all Partners, a contact person will be provided, as well as additional links to the partner profile, and a request form to instantly inquire about products and services. By clicking on the company name you will directly go to the Google world map indicating a main centre of activity or the headquarters.

Directory search: You can either use the A to Z listing, if you are looking for a specific company name. Or you can use the open search field to find an organisation by keyword, name, type of products and services, or country.

Get listed on the directory!

If you want to be visible on the only dedicated global R744 directory as an active player in the field of CO2, or you want to draw attention to your organisation being on the verge of marketing R744 products and services, contact us, or go to our “Advertise with us” section providing you with more details.


By team (@r744)

Mar 23, 2009, 15:32

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