Commercial refrigeration industry ready for R744

By team, May 25, 2007, 06:00 2 minute reading

R744 systems outperform current commercial refrigeration systems in terms of sustainability and future development potential, according to leading industry experts speaking at an international refrigeration conference.

Refrigeration systems using CO2 are already now a highly convenient choice after having proved to operate successfully in commercial refrigeration test installations worldwide. This was stressed by experts from the refrigeration industry who gathered in Berlin, Germany, to discuss training, design, maintenance and safety issues for current and future systems with a special focus on R744 (CO2).

More specifically, the 150 participants, from the private and public sector, focused on different technological options forr operating CO2 systems and requirements for a wide-spread use of R744 in supermarket cabinets.

"And the winners is? CO2"

"CO2 will be the refrigerant of the future. We want to make this quite clear." This message emerged from the presentation of Christoph Brouwers, Carrier, who highlighted the "brilliant results so far" with respect to the operation of the company’s CO2OLtec technology. The new cascade system, installed in cooperation with Linde in 93 plants across Europe, has performed highly efficient in medium and low temperature refrigeration. The company now plans to offer complete transcritical CO2 systems by 2010.

CO2 a "single green fluid for all refrigeration systems"

Following tests in a German supermarket, CO2 cooling systems have proved to operate more energy-efficient at cold ambient temperatures of 6-13°C than systems using R404a. This was confirmed by Samuele da Ros, Epta, who also indicated the interest of several customers in installing the CO2 system in other supermarkets across Europe. He concluded: "Considering both environment and technology (R744 is) the best solution available today, with further improvements under development."

Enex joining

Enex, an Italian engineering company in the field of industrial refrigeration and heat pump systems, will soon be joining Sergio Girotto, representing Enex at the Berlin event, encouraged the industry to concentrate all development efforts and investments on CO2: "We are convinced that natural refrigerants are the only long-term solution for heat pumps and for the refrigeration sector. CO2 is the only practical solution whenever a non-toxic and safe refrigerant is required."

More specifically, Girotto emphasized that considering the Life Cycle Cost of a supermarket system - including initial costs, energy consumption, leakages and inspections costs - CO2 systems are the most convenient choice.


The conference "Co2ol Food – climate friendly refrigeration in supermarkets", held 23 May, was organised by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) and the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) to focus on policy options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from commercial refrigeration systems.


By team (@r744)

May 25, 2007, 06:00

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