BITZER at a glance

Refrigeration and air conditioning technology are of inestimable value in our world. They allow food to be transported over thousands of miles and then be stored, without loss of freshness and quality. In buildings, air conditioning brings a distinct improvement to living and working conditions. Every day blood banks save the lives of countless people, while many products, such as semiconductors, can only be manufactured with this technology. In all these situations it is essential that the refrigeration and air conditioning systems function reliably.

For more than 80 years, BITZER has been manufacturing refrigeration compressors – the “heart” of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems. The company is considered a global leader in the production of reciprocating, screw and scroll compressors for air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump applications. BITZER, the specialist for refrigeration compressors, offers a wide range of products designed for natural refrigerants, including ammonia (R717), propane (R290), propylene (R1270) and CO2 (R744). For more than 20 years, the BITZER Group has been building up its experience in the development, manufacturing and application of CO2 compressors on all continents. BITZER now offers a comprehensive range of refrigeration compressors for sub- and transcritical CO2 applications. The products are supplied around the world by more than 40 subsidiaries operating in over 90 different countries.




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