ABOUT Blupura Srl


BLUPURA is an Italian manufacturer of high quality and high design drinking watercoolers for the HORECA and hospitality industries. The company follows an eco-friendly philosophy: the cold water produced by their watercoolers is not only an affordable, efficient and safe alternative to bottled water, but Blupura is also the first watercooler manufacturer in the world to use compressors with natural refrigerant gases (R290) with zero impact on global warming.

The watercoolers of the FONTEMAGNA range are made in stainless steel and anodized aluminium and produce till 280 liters of cold water per hour (with the option of cold SPARKLING WATER too) , and are ideal for restaurants, hotels, canteens, schools, hospitals, or anywhere there is a need for large volumes of cold water. 

The latest innovation is CITY, the outdoor/indoor fountain with video screen and audio, perfect for public information and adverts. This fountain is able to offer a service 24/7, it delivers unlimited quantities of cold still water and cold sparkling water of really high quality.


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