ABOUT Freudenberg

Freudenberg Seals and Vibration Control Technology is a member of the Freudenberg Group offering customized seals for automobiles, machinery and various other applications.

Freudenberg is a family-owned group of companies active on the global stage. Its 12 Business Groups operate various markets and industry sectors.

Freudenberg offers tailor-made, innovative technological products and services to customers in the automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, textile and clothing, construction, mining and heavy industry, energy, chemical, oil and gas sectors. The Group’s customers also include companies in the medical technology, civil aviation, rail vehicles and semiconductor sectors.

Freudenberg develops and manufactures seals, vibration control technology components, filters, nonwovens, surface treatment products, release agents and speciality lubricants, medical technology and mechatronic products.

The Group also develops software solutions and IT services primarily for small and medium-sized enterprises. Consumers enjoy the benefits of Freudenberg's state-of-the-art household products marketed under the vileda®, O-Cedar®, Wettex®, Gala® and SWASH® brands.


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