ABOUT Thermo Tech

Thermo Tech's philosophy is to provide a total commitment to ensure that lifelong partnerships are established with all clients. This philosophy ensures the creation of cost effective solutions, solutions that incorporate joint plans and procedures be put in place to allow both parties to grow profitably. Thermo Tech first came on the scene in Auckland 1992. The company was started by a collection of individuals who had previously held executive positions with a national service provider. While the structure of Thermo Tech has changed over time there are certain enduring factors. This is in the form of the executive guidance of Andy Wilgermein and Robert Smith, the co-founders of the business and their commitment to high quality customer care. Then as is the case now, the focus is on solving customers’ application dilemmas. The designs need to fit the applications while remaining within the client's budget. The maintenance programmes need to be affordable and attend to the important features of the plant all in a timely manner. The emergency breakdown service needs to deliver a solution to an immediate problem in an expedient fashion and be available 24 x 7 to get the equipment working.

The company offers dual temperature CO2 cooling with the Enviboost, a two stage transcritical plant providing dual temperature operation where there is a mixture of low and high
tempertaure cooling loads.


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